Friday, August 26, 2011

Into the mud I go

Been a few weeks since my last post and as I sit and ponder whats been happening in my life it amazes me. Seems like time is moving so fast. What normally would have been a very long drawn out process of seeing things inside myself, based on the characters I have called to be on the stage and play certain parts in my learning, has been less than 2 months this time. So the question is for me today does the character have the staying power to work through the mud or are they just a player called to be the watering can so the mud can get deeper and deeper leaving only the choice to sink in, get dirty and crawl to the edge to be sundried and baked. Once baked the mud cracks and flakes off and the beautiful soft skin (or person as the case may be) is fresh and pure and ready for the next opportunity... So dear friends that is the question of the day for me... today in the sunshine I will allow the flaking and will have the organic lotion ready for the soft new skin to come!! Blessings on your own journey inward!