Sunday, September 23, 2012

Alice, Sean's Angel

Good morning! And what a glorious autumn morning it is! Brisk and clear and perfect for a morning walk in the field with Bru. As I was walking in the field I kept replaying something that happened to me last night during meditation. Since it seems to be staying in the immediate thoughts I figure it must be that I should share it. And so here it is... Often times I will take a day (or a few hours) and pray for an individual. I spend time thinking about their goodness, the joys they have shared, the sorrows that fall upon their hearts, the amazing possibilities that are theirs when they recognize them. I believe that sending love and good wishes to another is the best thing we can ever do for them. It is more powerful than bailing them out of messy situations, or giving them money, or fixing their problems. It may not be something that can be measured or seen, but I always see changes and positive opportunities presenting themselves for someone after they have been the focus of prayer. Yesterday was Sean’s day. Sean is my son. He has been struggling for sometime. He is now in a safe place but still searching for peace. So, all day long I was remembering him, his sense of humor, his generosity and love of friends, his goodness, many events over this 28 years here on this earth. And in the evening I sat and meditated. Candle, his photo, incense, all set. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Ahhh, my mind is finally quiet, when I hear clear as day... “I’ll look after your son, you look after mine”. Talk about bringing me right back to my body... I was so alert. I felt like I could feel every cell inside me, every pore on my body breathing, every hair on my head buzzing and at the same time I had an amazing peace wash over me. Not easy to articulate an experience from the unseen world, much less process it, but here is what my mind and heart tell me... The voice was Alice, Fred’s mother who passed a few years ago. I imagine she feels like he is in a good place with love filling his heart and so she can now let go a bit and be someone else’s angel... And I believe she has chosen Sean. Thanks be to those spirits who guide, to those spirits who support, to those spirits who love deeply, whether they are seen or unseen. And so as I walked in the field, watched my breath paint pictures in the air, listened to the silence, and witnessed the sun rising I said (once again) Thanks be!