Friday, June 28, 2013

Laughter IS the best medicine

Recently while in a class another student took this photo of me. The first thought that came to mind was my Grandmother. I can remember during one summer visit (she used to spend a few months with my parents in the summer to get away from the extreme Florida heat) we were sitting at the kitchen table and she was sharing her amazing wisdom with me. The wisdom that comes with many years of experience... Here is what she told me: Life can be hard. Life doesn't always seem fair. Learn to laugh. Simple. Yet how often do we forget that medicine? When we laugh all the "feel good" hormones are released by the brain and flood the body. They give us a feeling of lightness. A feeling of relaxation in our shoulders and our hearts open wide. All the drama of the day washes away. And we are in the moment, the moment of pure joy... And to manifest anything we need to find those times more than not. So, I am posting this picture on my refrigerator so that every time I see it, I can return to the feeling of pure joy that I was experiencing! I can look at my face, the sparkle in my eye, the hand raised ready to slap my knee, and know that life is hard, but GOOD, Life may not always seem fair, but I trust the process and KNOW all things happen for my highest good, and I KNOW HOW TO LAUGH!! Thanks Grandma, I take your advice and raise you one!