Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dying Consciously (and living consciously too)

I am training in an energy therapy that is called dying consciously. It has three parts to it: Recapitulation which allows an individual to follow a river of consciousness so that they can without judgement look at their life and release their physical body. Folks during this stage may have symbolic visions or memories of actual events. They get to say all their "I love you's" " I forgive you's" and "I'm sorry's". And if the person is not conscious the family is asked to bring in photo albums, remember stories, and share their memories (since the last faculty to leave us is our hearing).

The second step is a chakra clearing because as a person is remembering their "stuff" energy "bubbles" to the surface of their chakra's. Assisting the energy to leave allows for the chakra to spin full and bright so that when we get to the third step, the death spiral, the life force energy has an easier time disconnecting from the physical reality. Chakra clearing is not new to me, I have been doing this for ten years in my work but its a bit more powerful when the energy coming to the surface is really ready to go!

The third step is the Death Spiral. In order to be able to perform this ritual I needed to experience it, and so I did. The cool thing for me was this: when I was released from my body and my spirit was traveling it took me back to my accident (2001) and since I don't have a clear memory of that event (except for the months and months in a hospital bed afterward), it was interesting to experience and interesting that I went to an event in which I was given a choice to stay here or go and I chose to stay (obviously). What I didn't remember was a tube being inserted into my throat. Actually the first week afterwards I was pretty drugged with Morphine so its quite a blur. Anyway, I ramble... When getting the death spiral done when I remember feeling outside my body and back to the accident I suddenly felt nausea and gagging and I couldn't stop coughing. And the teacher working with me said that moments before I started coughing she felt like something was caught in her throat. Now how cool is that...

So, one other thing that this work allows us silly human creatures to do is to release that which no longer serves us ~ a metaphysical death if you will... That could any life transition whether it be a divorce, job, moving, children going to college, etc. What a gift to be able to release and move on. Without judgement, without guilt, without fear. Just moving on in love and light.

So my dear bloggers, if you are experiencing any kind of life transition or if someone you know is dying, please send them my way. I am honored to offer this as part of my tool bag and hope that it benefits others as much as it has benefited me.

Peace, Janet

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Even in my sleep I pray

Strange dreams last night... What I recall is this: I am in a room with Bella, our chocolate lab puppy, and I am feeling dark. I leave the room, but Bella decides to stay and when I am shutting the door I turn and see her sitting with her back to me. The door shuts and I see blood draining out the space between the door and the floor. I feel panic. So I pray. I send love. I am love, I give love, I receive love, I believe in love, I engage in love, I am always becoming more love.... (that's what I begin to pray in my dream). Then I am awake but asleep, and I feel like my partner sits up, walks toward the door and I see him in the doorway ~ tall dark and walking away. So I say outloud "honey can you get me a drink of water" but instead of the figure in the doorway responding I discover that he is sleeping soundly and has not gotten up at all... The figure disappears and I am left feeling confused ~ awake or asleep? And so I pray. And then I rest.

What this dream means to me is that when in any dark situation prayer turns it into light!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The new year and our old girl Mucca

Seems like years since I've posted, but its really only be three weeks...

We have had many changes. As always, the first of the year begins with pulling my tarot cards and doing my Runes for the year. Then, I burn all my past year journals after reading them and giving thanks for the lessons learned. Then I set my intentions for the upcoming years hopes and dreams, and send it all to spirit on the smoke of a bonfire. Once done outside, I take the new energy in. I rearrange my furniture to shake up any stagnant energy, switch all my plants around to see who's happy where, and when that is all done, I sit with a cup of "hot milk tea" and listen.

This year's new year was a little different, though. We had to release our oldest dog (Mucca) from the bondage of her body. She had a week of getting ready, her whole family came to say good bye and thank her for her service and m she passed very easily. Ond our vets (Groton City Animal Hospital) allowed us to usher her onward with drumming, rattling and sage and say goodbye for as long as we needed to.

With that said, tonight I believe Mucca came to play. I had the other two dogs outside for a walk in the dark, and I heard them barking, then I heard 3 dogs barking. I tried to make excuses, our neighbors dogs etc., but when I knew it was 3 dogs barking in the same vacinity of the yard, I ran inside to get my camera. Here is the photo I took...

Cheers to you Mucca, thanks for gracing us with your physical presence for 10 years and now your energetic presence for many many more!!