Thursday, August 30, 2012

As you may know, I recently adopted a kitten, to be Bru's playmate. They have been loving each other well! Today was the first time outside for the kitten, Zeva. She was skittish at first, actually doing an "army crawl" across the grass... After about half hour she began "hunting bru". Jumping out at him, chasing him, teasing him, and finally stealing his favorite spot under the tree. That was such fun to witness! When she "gave him back his spot"she snuck around the front of the tree, then quietly climbed up and then started to jump on his back, but thankfully, I caught her and her plan was nixed... Here are some photos from our fun frolick!!

Take a walk in the woods.

I wonder what our world would be like if every human being took at least a weekend every month and spent it in the woods? The woods, the healing trees. Providing us with oxygen, shade, songs with the wind, solitude, medicine, balance and communion with animals. When I take time to walk in the woods, listening to no human sounds, I feel calm. A calmness that can easily be forgotten when I don't take the opportunity to spend time in the woods. Human beings need to be quiet. We need to listen to the woods. We need to if we are going to raise our vibrations and walk into our own internal world, into the unseen landscapes of our life. And once we go inward, if we are brave enough to continue inward (cause sometimes what we encounter is not always pretty or easy or comfortable) we find peace. We walk in a different way in the world. We begin seeing the interconnectedness in all. We find it possible to forgive our enemies, even if that doesn't seem logical. We see beauty everywhere. We smile... Often. And we become our own best friend! Please take some time and walk in the woods. Sit in the woods. Breathe in the woods. Sing in the woods. Pray in the woods. And the woods will circle you in magic!! Love to you, love to me, love to the woods!!