Monday, January 9, 2012

Thus it is spoken and dreamt, thus it is so

Folks have been talking about 2012 for quite some time...
There have been fear based stories that have been generated, and love based stories.

Here's my story: The world, energy, is moving much faster than before. We as a people are recognizing that our thoughts are creating physical reality, both positive and negative. Many of us are seeing this connection and learning how to work with the energy of thought ~ for health, happiness and abundance. Those that are not quite on the same wave length are struggling. They don't see the connection between their thoughts, dreams, conversations, actions and their life. And, there is no way to get someone to "see" until they are good and ready to "see".

All realities, all thoughts, all beliefs, all ways of being are valid. No one has the ability to say and make real the thought of "this is the only way" anymore. We are expanding as humanity. We are traveling in realms that were once thought of for "psychics", "see-ers", "medicine men/women", etc. All of us are tapping into the reality of the unseen. Some are trusting the information, some are still holding onto the belief that this area of reality is not for them, only for the "teachers, scholars, learned ones"... I say that is just not so. It just takes practice.

So what is practice and how does one begin? Practice is as simple as blessing your day before you get out of bed, or focusing on your breathing and being present for 5 minutes or as long as hours and days.

For me its about taking responsibility for everything in my life. Its about being gentle when I create a challenge, and trusting that I know deep down how to "undo" anything that I have created, and I have the ability to add energy to any dream or vision I desire. Its about trusting that all is always well, in the lower energy shifts and the very high energy surges. I have become familiar with the energy of myself and that, my friends, is freedom.

So, I offer you this thought... Spend some time feeling what your life is. What makes you giddy with joy, what makes you heavy with sadness and regret, what expands your heart, where do you feel at home (inside your body and out in the world), what can you do to create the life that you truly desire. Make it a practice. A way of being. And soon, before you know it, it will be natural. You won't even be able to remember being any other way and you will be alive. Really alive. Present to the life YOU create! Make it so!