Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Personal Power in the pines

As I stand alone in the snow covered pines I am able to really see. See many things that are happening to those of us who are paying attention. I imagine its happening everywhere in the world, but I can only speak of the things that are in my own little world. Friendships are being dismantled, much more easily than in the past. New ideas about sharing, supporting, loving, and not taking things personally are happening for me and for many whom I speak with. In the past, if someone "didn't like me" or what I was doing, I would allow that energy to direct my choices and then I would blame when I wasn't happy. I did this with my parents, my partners, my children, my siblings, and my friends. I was not able to speak my truth with confidence, because I was not really sure what my truth was. It took many ouchy events to wake me up... to help me look at my own life, without comparing it to others or to society. For this I am ever grateful to those folks who came into my life to teach me about forgiveness and personal power. Power. That's such an interesting word... And personal power, now that is just BIG. Personal power doesn't mean being a bully, or hard headed, or stubborn, or closed minded. It means to have the guts to look at your own stuff. Look at the ouchies that may have been "unconsciously" doled out in my own learning process. I often times ask the Universe for help on letting go of the guilt associated with that learning. The way I do that is with mantras. This is one of my favorites when I am feeling guilt or regret... "I forgive me, I forgive you for getting stuck in the process of change and for not being able to see each other clearly". I use this one quite a lot. Another one that helps me to feel good in my body is "I lovingly release the past and all past experiences... I am free, they are free... All is well." And that's what personal power is to me. Its about taking responsibility... for my thoughts, feelings, and actions. And so standing and breathing and listening to the silence of the snow covered pines I do just that. I take responsibility. For my own happiness. For my own life. For my own thoughts. And for the love that I share with those who love me, and for those who may not love me in this place.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Always Creating My little space of heaven

Last Friday I moved. Its amazing how much stuff is accumulated in 18 months (which was when I moved last time). I didn't seem to remember having so much stuff for my last move, which means that I collected it or was gifted it. But, now that I have unpacked most of the boxes, have moved things from room to room to "hear" where things belonged, and have given away many things that helped others out but were just taking up space for me, I am able to sit quietly and feel the changes within... My new home (and office) is in the woods and is very quiet. This morning I was able to go outside early and watch the sunrise and listen to the songs of the natural world. The birds were singing, the cats were scampering in the leaves, Brutus was sniffing out mice and voles, and I was just breathing. Its a great way to begin the day, breathing and feeling un-rushed and grateful for the life that I have created by focusing on being un-rushed and grateful. I can feel my cells are adjusting to the new space, and I spent a few hours intentionally placing my stones, crystals, angels, and other symbols that remind me of the love that surrounds and interpenetrates my being. It was quite lovely and I feel as if I am all here now ~ body, mind and spirit!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stress doesn't have to be about challenges

I find it fascinating and wonderful that my body speaks to me! In the next month and a half my whole life is shifting (and WOW for the best!!). I am packing up and moving to a new town and then marrying the most amazing man EVER! With all that said, stress isnt just about challenges, its also about good changes so my body is reminding me that it is feeling a little stress. My forearm/elbow has been aching and yesterday I found it hard to even lift a coffee cup. So of course I went to my handy dandy "bible" (Louise Hay, Heal Your Body, the Metaphysical causes of disease) and looked up elbow. The thought pattern was right on with whats happening in my life right now so I took some time, breathing and being still and then started repeating the new thought pattern and mantra. Amazing today my elbow and forearm are FINE!! I share this way of self healing with everyone! Its simple, it just takes commitment, time and ITS FREE. Why not try it. You just may find that your body is speaking to you too!!! Be well!