Saturday, February 26, 2011

Journey to the Root of it all

The drum begins and my breath becomes my being and I am carried to a beautiful early morning on a quiet beach...

The crocodile came to me and she smiled. In her front teeth she was gently holding a golden egg. It felt like HER egg. She seemed quite pleased with herself. Then she turned and headed toward the sea. I watched her enter the water and swim deeper and deeper. Once I could no longer see her she jumped out of the water like a dolphin does ~ head first and was standing on the tip of her tail. I found it humorous that she, an alligator, was appearing to be a dolphin and as soon as I had that thought she became David Cassidy (from the partridge family TV show) and she was walking on water and singing to me.

She sang "Sing, sing a song, sing it loud, sing it strong. Don't worry that its not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing your song" then she seemed to implode /explode (but it wasn't scary of violent just a change of shape) and she was the snow in a snow globe. And I was holding the snow globe standing in a meadow.

In the meadow I was surrounded by sweet scents of lavender and apples and I began to run across the meadow (like in the old movies when lovers run across a field in slow motion to embrace at the meeting) and then I too (in a poof) changed into energy (like in the movie powder). I then found myself inside the snow globe and once I was aware of being in the snow globe it became the golden egg being ever so gently held in the smiling crocodiles front teeth and I was once again standing on the quiet beach witnessing the crocodiles joy and I knew that I was home.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Initiating The Power (Rhonda Byrne)

I have been listening to a fantastic audio book called "The Power" (which I highly recommend). It is all about the power of Love to create the life you truly desire. One of the tools she offers is that instead of talking about, thinking about, and feeling something that brings you disappointment, frustration or negativity, take 7 minutes everyday and think about everything/everyone you love. Feel how it feels (or would feel) if you had the job you really want, enough money to have everything that would make you happy, etc. Just an "aside" note ~ I have been a very happy person and have already been practicing many of the tools she offers, and I am still really getting alot out of this audio book!

So, I decided that I am going to keep my Love list daily! I am focusing on the new house that I desire up by the pond. Its an A-Frame wood structure. It has a large open living room and kitchen, a bedroom and full bath on the main floor, and a cool stairway up to the master loft. In the master loft there is a full bathroom with a jacuzzi tub large enough for me to lay down in and the room, of course, is shades of purple. In the loft there is a half wall/banister with intricate carvings on the side I can see. And the crystal chandaleer in the center of the livingroom makes very cool kalaidascope sparkles along the wall as the sunshine comes in the glass doors of the livingroom that looks out onto the pond. There is a a deck that goes around the house that I sit on in the morning as I drink my hot jamaican me coffee! There is a full basement that's open for sam to ride his bike in in the winter or his skateboard, and a small bedroom for sleeping. The woodstove keeps everything hot in the winter as do the radiant floor heating!
I can feel it, I love it, I imagine it, now it will come as I continue to imagine and feel it into being.

I offer you this information so that you can make the choice to love or not, to create the world you desire, or to live in the world created by lack. Chooose Love!!

I am!