Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here's your mission should you choose to take it

I had a very strange dream last night which I shared with others, asking for their interpretation. The dream left me feeling outside my body for quite a long time today. It was one of
"those dreams" that when you close your eyes you still see it, feel it, smell it, and sense it in every cell of your body... Here's my dream in a poem, and since I feel like it is a challenge being offered to me I am calling the poem "Here's your mission should you choose it..." Hope you enjoy!

She takes my hand
The old young woman
I know her, she is
The Mother of us all

She guides me to the ancient ones
gold sarcophagus
resting place of the familiar

Crimson colored sanctuary
filled with illusions of importance
Die and drift along on the
scent of her incense

Chatter subsides
replaced by empty cookies
fortunes scattered and left behind

I feel the weight of her
wishes whispered and I
wonder out loud in my head
Do I have it in me?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The body never lies

Sometimes you know even if you don't want to know...

Lately I find that my body is talking to me more than usual. I am feeling some challenges, so I am paying attention and asking myself what is this about. I find it so interesting that the mind will rationalize, make excuses, divert attention, label, compartmentalize, and so on but the body just says "this is not comfortable for you so I am going to produce some dis-ease so that you have to look at it". No judgement, just matter-of-fact this doesn't serve you so pay attention...

The dis-ease that I am feeling is something that is not easy for me to pay attention to. I have once again setup a pattern in my life that I have had for many years so now I have to ask myself the tough question... What is this about and how can I heal it.

I feel like I am again a "guest" in someone else's house. Although I live here and the "words" spoken are that this is my home too, the actions on all of our parts is that it is theirs and I am a guest. I feel that my boundaries are not respected and that I am unable to make that clear, even though I have spoken my truth, and have many many times asked for the boundaries to be respected, they are not. Is it that the boundary is unreasonable, or that I am getting the opportunity to stand in my own truth and say this is what I need to feel safe and respected and this is where I need to be in order to remain.

I always know when something is a big, life lesson... My body tells me. It starts gently, a few aches and pains, a bit of stiffness in the joints, a few headaches, and then if I am not paying attention it begins to scream. It is screaming right now, no sleep for me tonight. I will be listening to my body and beginning the exploration of how to create ease for myself and I will be asking for guidance from the angels on what is the highest good for all concerned. If I listen to my mind I will continue to "not see" it, but if I listen to my body, I will learn quickly, because the body never lies...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traveling companions

Many of you know personally, or through my constant talking, my Bru dog. And, many of you know, again personally or through word of mouth, that I often spiritually travel (out of body experience, astral traveling, etc) during drumming, meditation, energy work and the like... Some of my travels have been very confusing (kindof like I say to myself what was THAT about) and some of my travels are very clear and informative (when specifically seeking information), and some of my travels are so cool that I just want to stay forever... That's where Bru comes in. He "travels" too! I can always tell when he does because his eyes glaze over and he sucks on his back leg or his tongue "gets stuck" on his paw for sometimes as long as 20 minutes (picture), but the coolest thing that he does is... he sits by my side while I am out of the physical body and if I "go too far" he puts his head in my lap and starts talking (dogishly) to bring me back. For this I am truly grateful!!

Cheers to my traveling companion and bff!!