Sunday, December 30, 2012

This morning as I was watching the news (which I VERY rarely do) I was listening as the anchorwoman was talking out the fiscal cliff. She shared that the government is bickering over tax breaks and that they want tax breaks for anyone making less than $250,000.00 a year. I thought, holy moly, $250,000.00 a year??? Then I ran through my memory of all the folks I know and I couldn't think of anyone who I know that makes more than that in a year. Then I thought "they" are making such a big deal about this that there must be lots of folks who make more, or they wouldn't be making such a fuss. Then I thought, "oh, it must be the government officials who make more, and that's why this is such a big deal". And then I thought how in the world can human kind survive when there are so many with so much and so many with so little. Then... I thought, its really easy, if those who have plenty and more so, helped those who did not then we wouldn't even need to be discussing this, because we would all have enough... Then... I thought "wait a minute Janet, if physical manifestation happens with thought than instead of wasting my time pondering what the government will or will not do, my brain would be better used to dream it how I wish it to be"... And so dear ones, I leave you with this thought (or feeling), dream. Dream about love. Dream about compassion. Dream about Grace. And most of all dream about the world of "have's" opening their hearts and realizing they can use their power for good rather than evil... Now my brain is tired and needs to spend some time in the snow... Happy almost New Year!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's in a name.

The reason I am changing my name... This comes from my friend Sharita Star who does numerology, astrology, and lexigrams. Fascinating and feels "right on" to me... Your original name, JANET CHRISTINA JACOBS is a 22 Vibration- the Master Number of 'Submission and Caution' Chaldean Karmic Mystery: 22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.” In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. If 22 is present, the person it represents should exercise caution and watchfulness in both career and personal matters. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized. Any entity influenced by the 22 of any month needs to carefully understand their natural relationships with the numbers 4 and 8, and all of their vibration combinations. If you add KLOCK to this, you arrive at the 30, 'Loner- Meditation' Chaldean Karmic Mystery: This is a number of retrospection, thoughtful deduction, and mental superiority over others. However, it belongs completely to the mental plane, and those represented by it often put all material things to the side, not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. Consequently the compound number 30 is neither fortunate nor unfortunate, because it can be either, depending entirely upon the desire of the person (or entity) it represents. The vibration of the 30 can be all-powerful, but it is often indifferent, according to the will of the person. Those whose name equals 30, those born on the 30th day of any month, generally count few people as their friends. They tend to be taciturn loners, preferring to be alone with their own thoughts. Social functions and public gatherings are not their style. The Life path30’s will indulge in the experiences that life has to offer, but also desire to retreat from society as well when needed. 30 doesn’t deny happiness or success, but fulfillment is more often found in retreating from the chaos of the market place, so that one’s mental superiority may be used to develop something worthwhile to the world…to write ideas which may change the world… or to protect and develop one’s personal talents, such as art or other gifts. It indicates a lonely, yet frequently rewarding life pattern. For you.... if you drop the Christina and Jacobs and legally go with just JANET KLOCK: it is a pure alignment with your natal 15 karmic path, that of 'The Magician.' Chaldean Karmic Mystery to unlock in the Lifetime: 15 is a number of deep esoteric significance, the alchemy vibration through which all magic is manifested. It’s extremely lucky and carries the essence of enchantment with it. 15 is associated with “good talkers,” eloquence of speech, and the gifts of music, art, and the drama. It bestows upon the person or entity represented by it a dramatic temperament and strong personal magnetism; a curiously compelling charisma. The 15 vibration is especially fortunate for obtaining money, gifts and favors from others, because of its powerful appeal to the altruistic nature of people. If you have a 15 karmic path and your name is also of a 15 vibration, you’re blessed with the ability to bring great happiness to others and to shine much light into the darkness, assuming you don’t use this magical and fortunate vibration for selfish purposes. Janet C. Klock: 18 'Spiritual -Material Conflict' NO Janet J. Klock: 16 'The Shattered Citadel' NO Both names, JACOBS and KLOCK arrive at the very same 17/8 Spiritual Expression- That of 'The Star of the Magi' which when switching the name, will not conflict with your energy very much due to the fact you already have been living by this 17/8 channel your entire life. So if you even went with JANET CHRISTINA KLOCK and dropped the Jacobs, this would be back at the 22. However, I think, very strongly, the JANET KLOCK is really nice for you- and the combination here of the 15 KP and Name Expression would really rock you and the world!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Changes happening

"The change was slow. So slow that if you weren’t taking notice you might miss it. The shift in thoughts, habits dropped like a heavy winter coat, small movements forward. Seeds planted, new life peeking out from under the earth. The earth that is usually frozen at this time of the year. Newness alive, vibrating slowly from within. So slowly, that if you weren’t taking notice you might just miss it." I wrote that "poem" because its how I am feeling lately. Like if I don't pay attention I'm going to miss it. What ever the "it" is... And how do I pay attention, you might ask. I sit. I breathe. I am present in conversations, listening without the need to respond. I walk outside. I don't over work myself. I set good healthy boundaries for work and play. I feel. And then I feel some more. I remind myself that I have no idea what is right for anyone else. I don't pretend to be wise. I practice kindness. I take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. And I have learned to not take things so seriously. I laugh ALOT! So as we pay attention, we change. And as our world is shifting energetically, we change. And even if we hold onto what we think we know, we change. We can do it slowly or swiftly, and either way will be scary at first. But as we shift we become comfortable with our new place. We notice what we didn't need or want moving away from us and its not so painful. Its kind of nice even. May your changes be made with choice. May your changes be easy and effortless. May your changes be ... given to you with CHOCOLATE!! ~ Janet

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Personal Power in the pines

As I stand alone in the snow covered pines I am able to really see. See many things that are happening to those of us who are paying attention. I imagine its happening everywhere in the world, but I can only speak of the things that are in my own little world. Friendships are being dismantled, much more easily than in the past. New ideas about sharing, supporting, loving, and not taking things personally are happening for me and for many whom I speak with. In the past, if someone "didn't like me" or what I was doing, I would allow that energy to direct my choices and then I would blame when I wasn't happy. I did this with my parents, my partners, my children, my siblings, and my friends. I was not able to speak my truth with confidence, because I was not really sure what my truth was. It took many ouchy events to wake me up... to help me look at my own life, without comparing it to others or to society. For this I am ever grateful to those folks who came into my life to teach me about forgiveness and personal power. Power. That's such an interesting word... And personal power, now that is just BIG. Personal power doesn't mean being a bully, or hard headed, or stubborn, or closed minded. It means to have the guts to look at your own stuff. Look at the ouchies that may have been "unconsciously" doled out in my own learning process. I often times ask the Universe for help on letting go of the guilt associated with that learning. The way I do that is with mantras. This is one of my favorites when I am feeling guilt or regret... "I forgive me, I forgive you for getting stuck in the process of change and for not being able to see each other clearly". I use this one quite a lot. Another one that helps me to feel good in my body is "I lovingly release the past and all past experiences... I am free, they are free... All is well." And that's what personal power is to me. Its about taking responsibility... for my thoughts, feelings, and actions. And so standing and breathing and listening to the silence of the snow covered pines I do just that. I take responsibility. For my own happiness. For my own life. For my own thoughts. And for the love that I share with those who love me, and for those who may not love me in this place.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Always Creating My little space of heaven

Last Friday I moved. Its amazing how much stuff is accumulated in 18 months (which was when I moved last time). I didn't seem to remember having so much stuff for my last move, which means that I collected it or was gifted it. But, now that I have unpacked most of the boxes, have moved things from room to room to "hear" where things belonged, and have given away many things that helped others out but were just taking up space for me, I am able to sit quietly and feel the changes within... My new home (and office) is in the woods and is very quiet. This morning I was able to go outside early and watch the sunrise and listen to the songs of the natural world. The birds were singing, the cats were scampering in the leaves, Brutus was sniffing out mice and voles, and I was just breathing. Its a great way to begin the day, breathing and feeling un-rushed and grateful for the life that I have created by focusing on being un-rushed and grateful. I can feel my cells are adjusting to the new space, and I spent a few hours intentionally placing my stones, crystals, angels, and other symbols that remind me of the love that surrounds and interpenetrates my being. It was quite lovely and I feel as if I am all here now ~ body, mind and spirit!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stress doesn't have to be about challenges

I find it fascinating and wonderful that my body speaks to me! In the next month and a half my whole life is shifting (and WOW for the best!!). I am packing up and moving to a new town and then marrying the most amazing man EVER! With all that said, stress isnt just about challenges, its also about good changes so my body is reminding me that it is feeling a little stress. My forearm/elbow has been aching and yesterday I found it hard to even lift a coffee cup. So of course I went to my handy dandy "bible" (Louise Hay, Heal Your Body, the Metaphysical causes of disease) and looked up elbow. The thought pattern was right on with whats happening in my life right now so I took some time, breathing and being still and then started repeating the new thought pattern and mantra. Amazing today my elbow and forearm are FINE!! I share this way of self healing with everyone! Its simple, it just takes commitment, time and ITS FREE. Why not try it. You just may find that your body is speaking to you too!!! Be well!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As the moving day approaches I am spending lots of time releasing stuff. I find things in closets, drawers, and especially the basement that I haven't used in 18 months and I am sitting with it and asking it where it needs to be. I have donated much, given gifts of love (with my stuff) to dear ones, sold a few things (which will help cover my childrens travel home this winter) and am not even close to being done. One of the best parts of this move is connecting to the memories that are attached to my stuff and enjoying the moments all over again. Its so fun! One of the hardest parts of this move is the knowing that my dear friends whom I have loved for years will be a little farther away. Thank goodness for technology so that I can remain "virtually" present with them and I can still be available when needed. One of the most exciting parts of this move is the fact that I will be able to kiss my love goodnight EVERY night, wake up and create our day together, and not have to worry about cell service and technology... May you, in your life, embrace the changes that are gifted to you! Embrace the good, the not so good, and the absolutely fantastic!! Namaste!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Alice, Sean's Angel

Good morning! And what a glorious autumn morning it is! Brisk and clear and perfect for a morning walk in the field with Bru. As I was walking in the field I kept replaying something that happened to me last night during meditation. Since it seems to be staying in the immediate thoughts I figure it must be that I should share it. And so here it is... Often times I will take a day (or a few hours) and pray for an individual. I spend time thinking about their goodness, the joys they have shared, the sorrows that fall upon their hearts, the amazing possibilities that are theirs when they recognize them. I believe that sending love and good wishes to another is the best thing we can ever do for them. It is more powerful than bailing them out of messy situations, or giving them money, or fixing their problems. It may not be something that can be measured or seen, but I always see changes and positive opportunities presenting themselves for someone after they have been the focus of prayer. Yesterday was Sean’s day. Sean is my son. He has been struggling for sometime. He is now in a safe place but still searching for peace. So, all day long I was remembering him, his sense of humor, his generosity and love of friends, his goodness, many events over this 28 years here on this earth. And in the evening I sat and meditated. Candle, his photo, incense, all set. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Ahhh, my mind is finally quiet, when I hear clear as day... “I’ll look after your son, you look after mine”. Talk about bringing me right back to my body... I was so alert. I felt like I could feel every cell inside me, every pore on my body breathing, every hair on my head buzzing and at the same time I had an amazing peace wash over me. Not easy to articulate an experience from the unseen world, much less process it, but here is what my mind and heart tell me... The voice was Alice, Fred’s mother who passed a few years ago. I imagine she feels like he is in a good place with love filling his heart and so she can now let go a bit and be someone else’s angel... And I believe she has chosen Sean. Thanks be to those spirits who guide, to those spirits who support, to those spirits who love deeply, whether they are seen or unseen. And so as I walked in the field, watched my breath paint pictures in the air, listened to the silence, and witnessed the sun rising I said (once again) Thanks be!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

As you may know, I recently adopted a kitten, to be Bru's playmate. They have been loving each other well! Today was the first time outside for the kitten, Zeva. She was skittish at first, actually doing an "army crawl" across the grass... After about half hour she began "hunting bru". Jumping out at him, chasing him, teasing him, and finally stealing his favorite spot under the tree. That was such fun to witness! When she "gave him back his spot"she snuck around the front of the tree, then quietly climbed up and then started to jump on his back, but thankfully, I caught her and her plan was nixed... Here are some photos from our fun frolick!!

Take a walk in the woods.

I wonder what our world would be like if every human being took at least a weekend every month and spent it in the woods? The woods, the healing trees. Providing us with oxygen, shade, songs with the wind, solitude, medicine, balance and communion with animals. When I take time to walk in the woods, listening to no human sounds, I feel calm. A calmness that can easily be forgotten when I don't take the opportunity to spend time in the woods. Human beings need to be quiet. We need to listen to the woods. We need to if we are going to raise our vibrations and walk into our own internal world, into the unseen landscapes of our life. And once we go inward, if we are brave enough to continue inward (cause sometimes what we encounter is not always pretty or easy or comfortable) we find peace. We walk in a different way in the world. We begin seeing the interconnectedness in all. We find it possible to forgive our enemies, even if that doesn't seem logical. We see beauty everywhere. We smile... Often. And we become our own best friend! Please take some time and walk in the woods. Sit in the woods. Breathe in the woods. Sing in the woods. Pray in the woods. And the woods will circle you in magic!! Love to you, love to me, love to the woods!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lessons from a Doberman

This morning as I sat under Grandmother Willow sharing coffee with my dear friend Athena, we began a conversation about Brutus and his amazingness... We were watching Brutus jump at frogs and butterflies and talking about the many life lessons I learned from him (as did others). For anyone who has never met Brutus, he is a Doberman. He is stubborn, hard headed, assertive, pushy sometimes, protective, loyal, thoughtful, and very very connected! He came into my life when I was struggling with the complexities of being "nice" and getting confused with niceness and allowing others to push past my boundaries. I was wishy washy because I was afraid of being seen as "not nice". Brutus taught me that when I am clear in what is expected and what is okay with me, there are less opportunities for misunderstandings and hurt feelings. This I realized is NICE!. He also taught me the meaning of saying NO firmly without being nasty. He taught me that its NICE to say NO if your heart is not in something, and that allowing what doesn't make me happy is not nice to me or the other person who was unaware of my feelings and who thought all was well because I didn't say NO. Brutus also taught me about consistency, about being clear in my own mind before speaking something outloud. For him it was "this word means A, B, C" and this word means something else. Being clear and consistent in training him, helped me become more clear and consistent in my relationships with others. Patience is the most recent lesson from Bru... Introducing a hunting dog to a little kitten in a way that is safe and easy on all, dog cat and human, is very much about patience. We began the introduction into Sacred Waters with putting Zeva (kitty) in her own room so that Bru gets used to her scent. Then we had Bru in his own room and brought Zeva down into the rest of the house so he gets used to the scent of her in the house and also used to the idea of her being part of the "pack". Last night was the first face to face introduction, and there was no barking or growling. Bru was a bit excited, but no aggression and I believe that is because I was patient. Taking the steps A B C instead of going from A to Z in one day. I continue to learn everyday from this wonderful creature. And now I imagine I will learn from Zeva too. Gifts and surprises daily!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Flicker, one small bird with one LARGE message

As you may know, I believe that the natural world guides me (and you) and validates often what I have been hearing inside my own heart and head. This truth has been shown to me many many times over the last 10 years, so it is the information that I trust completely even if it is not logical or makes sense to anyone else. The Flicker has been making itself known for the past week, even almost flying into my windshield while I was on my way to grassroots and to the SPCA to pick up Zeva, my new kitty. Even my children don't understand that choice (zeva) since I have a very large doberman who is a hunter in the wild. I saw Zeva in a dream 2 nights in a row and then had a reading by an amazing animal communicator, Coryelle Kramer, who said yes indeed she was coming and Brutus had requested her. This is what Flicker represents energetically (Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews): The same energy that can be used for war can also be used for healing and if Flicker has shown up it indicates a time of RAPID GROWTH and TRUST. Flicker will awaken a new rhythm and the ability and opportunity to manifest all-healing love. Now if that doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does... So to all those who don't understand my life choices, or how feel it is their "right" to criticize, condemn or condone my actions or non-actions, I say: Flicker... Much love! Janet

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expand Time! Ask and it is so!

Gosh, its been over a month since I last blogged... Where does the time go? Is this what you ask yourself too? I could spend lots of energy wondering about time, the lack of, or too much time on my hands, etc. Instead I will be linear and list all the things that have happened since last I posted: 1) Completed an advanced anatomy of the neck certification 2) Getting more indepth with my knowledge of the meridians 3) Getting ready to bring a new family member home (Zeva kitty)and educating myself on how to integrate her into my dog household. 4) Planning family get together in August 5) started a new tattoo on my forearm (fairies YEAH!!) 6) Rearranged my office AGAIN... 7) Preparing for an advanced sports massage certification program that begins in August and ends in October, which will mean volunteering at a sporting event and working directly with athletes as case studies... 8) of course breathing, breathing, breathing and spending lots of time with my partner and family. Gosh, how do I find time to work?? Here's how I do it... I take time each morning to connect to myself through breath and QiGong practices, or taking a walk for grounding too. Then I ask the Universe to "expand time". I actually say it outloud as I sing to my garden and take time to walk the land and appreciate the local beauty. Taking the hour each morning before hitting the road running keeps me slow on the inside so that when the outside is chaotic and fast paced I can move slowly and remain peaceful in my heart and mind. Hope that you all have techniques to slow yourself down too. IT really does make a difference in the way you experience the life you have created! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We always know, even when we say we don't.

Since I was a little girl I could always tell when something in my life was about to change. I would get a "feeling", a way of breathing that would seem deeper and more spread out inside my body. This spread out air feeling, along with a sensation of being wrapped in a "fizzy blanket" used to scare me. I was so afraid of change. I would imagine all good things being taken away, or my way of life changing so drastically that I would lose my footing in life. This knowing of change always ended up being correct... moving to another state (a few times), boys who claimed to be in love drift away, broken bones and accidents, death of friends, all were preceeded by this "feeling". Now that I am older and wiser (sometimes...) I have become more aware that this fizzy feeling does not have to be "bad"... Now I believe the knowing inside my body that thoughts create things; how I look at something changes how it is; the Universe always provides; Life IS always good; and that I may not understand but I always trust that there is a purpose, a plan, and it is for my highest good has made life so much easier, and way more fun! Now when I know a change is about to happen I get excited! I wonder what wonderful surprise the Universe has in store for me, and I always know that if I just allow the "fizzy" feeling to bubble inside my body and if I can giggle as my cells expand and fill up with new air rather than panic that my safe secure way of being may be challenged, than the change will be easy and effortless, and generally fast and painless! So as I sit here sharing about how my body speaks to me, I am getting that feeling again. Its subtle, but its there, and so for now I tell myself to breathe, feel, laugh, expect magic, and pay attention! And to you folks reading this, I say, hold onto your hats cause change is in the air!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Sunday of the Month Gathering

Cindy Black, director of Meridian Massage Institute recently wrote  “Qi is not linear, it does not conform to intellectual ideas, and it is greater and wiser than any one person. A simple premise with powerful results”. On this thought I build. I build my own practice. A practice of sitting quietly each morning, checking in with myself, taking 10 minutes to connect my chakras (spinning vortex of energy) and breathe. This is just one way I practice going inward. This is just one way out of many that I know of to go inward. Going inward helps me to trust the energy that I feel and to be able to trust the information I feel when I touch others. Without this practice I feel “frazled”, “harried”, “anxious”. Once in a while, because of circumstances beyond my control, I skip or forget this morning practice, and I feel the difference and notice the difference in the way that my day goes. And then I am brought back to the reminder that I am important, that this practice is important, and that without it I struggle. My practice is centered on gratitude, gentleness, and awareness; gratitude in my heart for the Qi that surrounds and interpenetrates every cell and every thought and every action; gentleness to myself and others as we make our way on this journey I call “life school”; awareness that we all do the best we can with what we know, and the more we know the better we do. What about you? Do you know where to start? Are you interested in learning ways to slow down and go inward? Would you be interested in building a community that is also taking the time to go inward and who you can share your experiences with? If yes, then join me this Sunday, June 3rd @ 4pm. Learn an energy technique, bring a dish to pass and your own table setting, and an open heart... an hour of learning and practicing, along with sharing a meal (dish to pass) and conversation is what I offer. There is no fee, just your commitment to yourself to go inward! In joyful service, Janet

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lessons, past wrongs, energy flowing smoothly, winning, losing, right, wrong, anger, frustration, revenge, and then finally balance. Sound tiring? It has been. The last few days have been a roller coaster, a big 'ole ride inside, hills and valleys of my internal landscape... So here's my story. I tell it so that I can get it out, so I can share with others how I go inside and look deeply (with gentle, lovingkindness) at a life that I created based on choices made and lessons learned, and pave the way for others to do the same. A few years ago I lent a very large sum of money to someone for education and home renovations, with the understanding and agreement that we would create a marvelous business, offering opportunities for spiritual community, education about the body, and hands on work. I was trusting and fully invested physically spiritually and financially. I was excited about sharing and growing and creating. The person I was partnering with said they were excited about this too. What I found out later was that if you have a feeling of unease, and words don't match actions, its okay to recognize the behavior and end the relationship. Sadly, when money is involved in the ending of an unhealthy relationship, it touches a core survival instinct and can be just plain yucky... That's where I was a year ago. I had the signed agreements and the receipts and the statements and the repayment schedule discussed and the anger at learning that while I was investing in him, he was investing in another. I felt rage. Yup, that's exactly what I felt. Had visions of his body being enveloped in flames, and many many other nasty painful ugly thoughts. I sought justice. I filed a lawsuit and was going to hold him accountable for his lack of honor and integrity (blah blah blah)... Fast forward to the present... I must once again look at this because his "side" wants to move it from one court to another (again), which means more money and more time and once again another legal tactic to drag this out has begun... So I cried. I screamed. I broke down. I spoke directly to my guides, my angels, my teachers, the trees, the rain, the creator and I surrendered. I am not giving up, I am surrendering. I am feeling it, I am moving it, and I am once again with the help of energy work, prayer, and the amazing earth moving forward. Thanks be!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

thoughts create.

This weekend I am spending the weekend with my whole family for my fathers 80th birthday. This is giving me the opportunity to see patterns, connections, vibrations between loved ones that have been in place for a very long time. Its amazing to me that when we all come together we all of a sudden become who we were when we were all small. So i decided that today I will change that, for myself of course, since we really have no control over anyone else.

my first experiment was with my daughter this morning in the hotel. Generally she is not NOT a morning person so i have always dreaded waking her up in the morning. This morning i sat looking at her for a good half hour. Watching her sleep. Remembering her kindness, her sweetness, her laughter, and lots of fun times together. Then i took a deep breath and quietly said "time to get up". At first she was grumpy, complaining about the curtains not being open, but as i sat breathing, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She seemed calm and said "you look really Mom".

And so my day begins with my heart melting. Only goodness will fill this day! I will not be defined by the lessons from youth, rather I will consciously stand in my present beauty and open my heart to love my family from this energy. May I always remember this lesson!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Skunk. Just the name brings up so many feelings for me...
Last night my "baby" Brutus (Doberman) had a face to face chat with a very black (almost no stripe) skunk. To say the least, it was quite traumatic, for both of us...

After I was done lathering my baby with ketchup (I had no tomoto juice) I asked why did this happen??? Because when the natural world speaks I KNOW I need to pay attention!

I went right to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. He had many things to say about skunk but the sentence that jumped out at me was "when skunk shows up you can expect to experience stronger sexuual responses and a greater ability to attract people to you". After the feeling of truth filled me up I took some time and asked mySelf what was the truth Skunk was sharing with me...

Skunk is about scent. Scent is about phermones. To me it speaks of sensuality, memory; sending out my hopes, dreams and desires into the Universe and then Allowing that energy to meet like energy; trusting that my reputation will speak for itself, that living with honor and integrity (although sometimes not as easy as other times since I am human) will manifest my desires better than I could even imagine.

Timing for this message is perfect (of course!) because in April (Easter week) i will be changing the name of my business from Fall Creek Healing Center (indicating my previous location) to SACRED WATERS MASSAGE AND ENERGY MEDICINE! My fabulous graphic designer will have all changes to the website and marketing material updated and ready for unveiling. I chose Easter week because I feel in my heart that this new name is a reflection of new life; A time of great change for me and my business, and I believe skunk is validating this truth to me.

Soooo instead of getting upset with my dog and Mr. Skunk for the inconvenience of this odoriferous experience, I say THANK YOU; I'm listening; and BRING IT ON!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Becoming a passage way

In order to hear our guidance from that still small voice inside of ourselves we need to forget ourselves. We need to become a passage way; receptive, passive, connecting to the yin energy of femininity. We enter a womb of sorts. We cannot hear if we are aggressively saying “this way or no way”. That is the energy of control. Its the need to control and conqueror (our physical circumstances, our relationships, the spirit world) rather than listening and jumping into the river of all possibility.

When we live in unboundedness and gratitude for whatever life brings, without any expectations or demands, without thought of merit or reward, then we are truly listening. When we are truly listening we dissolve all obstacles that keep us separate from each other and from the whole of creation. When we listen we put out our question or desire and ask for that which is our highest good, without limiting our possibilities.

If we choose to believe that the only way we can be joyful or successful is “a”, “b” or “c” we in essence are not aware of the signs that the universe plops in front of us. We miss the opportunities because we don’t trust. We want “proof” that we will be successful so we ask everyone and their mother what they think about our choices, we spend hours mulling it over in our minds and we wait for the “logical” “expected” “way its always been done” opportunities to appear. For me, that makes me “crazy”. I don’t like how it feels in my body. It has taken me years of trying to paddle up stream to finally understand that down stream is easy. And it always gets me where I need to and want to be.

If I find myself struggling, if I don’t feel joyful and excited for my day, I spend time in the womb. I drop all thoughts of how can I achieve what I desire and just ask for what I desire. I pay attention to my words. I know that I am only limited by my own thoughts and words and I totally trust that my life is divinely guided (as is yours!) and that I am always going in the best direction. I remind myself that harmony is within me, that there are so many ways to see things and do things and that no one way is the only way. I even go as far as to imagine myself putting my feet into a river and getting out of my own way. Allowing my feet to come out from under me and allow the water to bring me along, rapidly when I am really in the river, and a bit more slowly when I am tentative or doubting the flow.

You can be in the river too. It is available to all. If is energy, creation, divinity. It has no expectation of right or wrong. It responds “in kind” to the energy it receives. It can be felt!

We all have a memory or two (or hopefully more!) of a moment that all was right with our world. When we felt “lucky” and exuberant, and limitless. Thats the energy of the river! Thats the energy of oneness. That's the energy I love to live in. May we all be aware of them moments of “divine perfection” in our lives and celebrate when others are in that energy too and remember that All is ALWAYS well!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in a name?

I have been recently toying with the idea of changing the name of my business. I have received signs, had some very vivid dreams, and conversations (that I did not initiate) with "business gurus" about this thought.

So I asked myself... What's in a business name?
And my answer was this: A business name should describe what the business offers, should "feel" like the service provided, and should be easy to remember.

After asking and pondering my business name I really felt that my current name, which was based upon the previous location of my business, doesn't really fit anymore. So the decision felt right to change it.

I went through a number of processes to receive the name that would fit and feel better to me... I sat in meditation, I played with words, I wrote from stream of consciousness, I chatted with my poetry group, I walked the land and spent time on my massage table in prayer, I participated in a shamanic journey, and I checked in with the ancestors and gatekeepers of the four directions.

After much contemplation the perfect name came to me. Soooo, once the Universe provides the funding to change it, I will be using the new name and will make sure that you, my clients, are fully aware and on-board! The new name (soon to be revealed to you) feels like me, feels like what I offer, and makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too, and look forward to the unveiling of the current business with its new name!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thus it is spoken and dreamt, thus it is so

Folks have been talking about 2012 for quite some time...
There have been fear based stories that have been generated, and love based stories.

Here's my story: The world, energy, is moving much faster than before. We as a people are recognizing that our thoughts are creating physical reality, both positive and negative. Many of us are seeing this connection and learning how to work with the energy of thought ~ for health, happiness and abundance. Those that are not quite on the same wave length are struggling. They don't see the connection between their thoughts, dreams, conversations, actions and their life. And, there is no way to get someone to "see" until they are good and ready to "see".

All realities, all thoughts, all beliefs, all ways of being are valid. No one has the ability to say and make real the thought of "this is the only way" anymore. We are expanding as humanity. We are traveling in realms that were once thought of for "psychics", "see-ers", "medicine men/women", etc. All of us are tapping into the reality of the unseen. Some are trusting the information, some are still holding onto the belief that this area of reality is not for them, only for the "teachers, scholars, learned ones"... I say that is just not so. It just takes practice.

So what is practice and how does one begin? Practice is as simple as blessing your day before you get out of bed, or focusing on your breathing and being present for 5 minutes or as long as hours and days.

For me its about taking responsibility for everything in my life. Its about being gentle when I create a challenge, and trusting that I know deep down how to "undo" anything that I have created, and I have the ability to add energy to any dream or vision I desire. Its about trusting that all is always well, in the lower energy shifts and the very high energy surges. I have become familiar with the energy of myself and that, my friends, is freedom.

So, I offer you this thought... Spend some time feeling what your life is. What makes you giddy with joy, what makes you heavy with sadness and regret, what expands your heart, where do you feel at home (inside your body and out in the world), what can you do to create the life that you truly desire. Make it a practice. A way of being. And soon, before you know it, it will be natural. You won't even be able to remember being any other way and you will be alive. Really alive. Present to the life YOU create! Make it so!