Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Elizabeth Hartquest

Elizabeth now has a last name... Hartquest...

Tonight at dinner, Jim's parents were here to celebrate his mother's birthday. Her name just happens to be Janet too so sometimes things get a bit confusing when we are both in the same room having conversations... As we began to both answer a question that was being asked of "Janet" someone said, "you should just change your name"... And without hesitation Sam, Jim's 10 year old son said, her name should be Elizabeth ~ which of course struck a chord with my heart ~ and in the next breath he said Elizabeth Hartquest.

Where that came from I am not sure, but Jim and I both knew he was talking about "Elizabeth" who merged with my spirit when we got married in the woods. So, I am now researching this name to see if it feels like truth in my heart. Is this my Elizabeth? My connection to a past life that I get to learn about and discover again. I am excited and can't wait to start my search! Whoohoohoo! Another mystery solved ~ maybe...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Session at Fall Creek Healing Center

As the guys were doing the finishing up in the bathroom and trimming out the window and door, I was energetically preparing for my first session in this beautiful new space! As we (me and my client) were doing the intake I felt a cool breeze and out of the corner of my eye I "saw" one of my "ladies" walking up the stairs into the office area, door slightly closed and it was my cue that all was well! The session was amazing (per my clients feedback) and as she was leaving I turned off the CD player and began to leave the room and go into the office. As I went to shut the door to the healing room ~ vrooommmm... CD player turned on LOUDLY! As I walked over to it to turn it off, it shut off and I knew the healing room had been christened ~ FALL CREEK HEALING CENTER ~ Let the Healing Begin!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Many of my clients tell me they have trouble sleeping. I, on the other hand, have usually slept like a baby, but as life evolves sometimes things change. Since I have been with my partner Jim, my life has drastically changed. It is quite wonderful being in an adult relationship with someone who "gets me". In this wonderful relationship there are also wonderful children and new rules to play the game by. I am patiently learning, but this learning process has now afforded me the gift of many sleepless nights. I had forgotten how having young children in your life is joyful, amazing and really fun most of the time, and during those other times it makes you want to pull your hair out.

Now when the children are "yours" and you have had them since birth and you know the ground rules and everyone is on the same wavelength then those pull your hair out moments are manageable ~ breathing, breathing, breathing... When the child has not been yours since birth and you are blind sided by the rules or are unaware of what exactly the rules are then the hair pulling out times become "oh my gosh, will I be able to keep my cool and not react in a way that will leave this child in therapy for years to come"...

At some point in the new adult/child relationship the playing field needs to be explored. the child tests and pushes to see "who's in charge" and those times are usually pretty easy for me, then its about setting clear boundaries ~ that wont work for me ~ and allowing the natural consequences of the behavior to warrant the changing of that behavior (ie. comfortable for everyone or leave the room until it can be comfortable for everyone in the community space). But when you don't see "it" coming and you have no idea what set off the behavior then it gets to be the hairy times and then I tend to retreat so that I don't regret anything for the future.

Now comes the part about sleep... The days that I don't really understand what has happened in the child's mind to create the unkind responses are the nights that I lay awake pondering... What if (blah blah blah). So tonight I ramble but out of the ramblings I find that an answer has risen to the surface. It is not about this day. Its about seeing it differently, believing it can be different and trusting the Universe to bring to me that vibration of difference. There, it is done and now I can lovingly release this day, and drift into dreamfilled sleep knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

long distance healing

Yesterday I had a most wonderful adventure, didn't feel so good while it was happening, but as I stayed present with what was happening in my body, it did end up being a very cool adventure...
I have a dear friend who has been ill for a few months. She has been tested for A,B,C and D and nothing has been identified, and yet she still has tremendous pain. I knew she was admitted to the hospital, through information from another connection that we share. I energetically put her on my table a few times throughout the day. At one point I couldn't "feel" her presence any longer and, because I am human, had a touch of fear run through my heart...
Later in the evening I spoke with her on the phone. I relayed what had happened and told her that I was "holding her feet" ~ energetically of course... She thanked me and shared some updated information and some more testing that was going to be happening today. I wished her well, sent her love, and ended the phone call. Within about a half hour, I began to feel this very strange pain in my mid section, and my arms and legs felt like lead. I sat down and began breathing and checking in with my body. As the pain increased I began to feel like I was going to "lose my cookies" and sweat was pouring out of every pore... I asked "what is this" and a few other questions and I began to hear a leaking sound, like air from a balloon and I "heard the work" leaking... Then I asked again, what is this and I heard loud and clear APPENDIX. Then just as soon as I processed the information (a few moments) I was "released". The pain was gone immediately, the sweating stopped, and I was "back". I checked in with my friend who is an MD about appendix's and then called my friend in the hospital. She was having more testing today, and I am imagining that she had her appendix out... I'll keep ya'all informed!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Offering space for manifesting

This morning while skating on the pond with Jim and Sam I kept catching glimpses of movement down by the house - in particular by the new massage space. It was almost like quick flashes of light with different colors "attached". I brought myself "back" to playing and didn't think much more about it until I came in. As I was sitting on the couch in front of the fire (which was yummy!!) taking off my boots and snow pants the flashes returned. To the left of me peeking out from the massage space (the door was partly open) it looked like fireworks... Kind of startled me and Brutus began barking into the "empty" room. Then when I looked away the three ladies from the church were standing in front of me. They began "speaking" very quickly. Some things I didn't catch but one thing I did was this: For the new year they suggested that I create a place for others to learn about and experience manifesting of their dreams. There needs to be a bowl of some sort for full moon and new moon energy. In the full moon bowl will be placed clients wishes for release of things/relationships that no longer serve them. In the new moon bowl will be placed clients desires for what makes their heart sing. I am going to have a space dedicated to this offering. There will be slips of paper for recording these energy manifestations. They will be completely private ~ no one will read them and they will be burned on each of the moons ~ sent to the universe, so that universal law can "work its magic" ... That which is like, unto itself is drawn...

I invite you to come and play, create, and begin the manifestation process! We create the life we have, whether consciously or unconsciously... I choose conscious creation, how 'bout you??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Messages for the New Year

This past year has been filled with many experiences for me. I had my heart hurt and also found my true love. Inherited a child who spiritually told me he was mine from another time, increased the "ampage" of my energy work, learned much about judgement and perceptions and the difference between my own stuff and others'. Followed my heart and began to hear much more through my hands for clients and family...
So, here's one of the biggest things that I learned~I get very clear messages. I may not understand them, but they have very much come to fruition this past year. Just this Sunday is one of many examples... My partner Jim was leading a sweatlodge. I was supposed to be participating but knew a few days before that I would not be in there. I didn't know why, but I felt it. The day before Jim's son Sam asked me to stay at the house with him instead of doing the sweat. This was a big deal for him to ask to spend time with me, and I was told it was important for the dynamics of our family~so I said yes. Then that morning I shared with Jim that I didn't think that he would be "in the sweat" either. I "saw" two male energies dancing around for the day and ASSUMED that it meant Jim and Sam... He thanked me for the information but was planning on attending (which is one of the fabulous things about our relationship is that we can share without attachment). Once the sweat started and all participants were beginning their journey, Sam got a call from a friend whom he hadn't seen in awhile and this friend asked to come over and play. He came during the sweat and went home before the sweat ended. (Ahhh, the second male energy I was feeling).

Now for the messages I have received through dreams for the coming year:
Someone will approach me to make my blog a book ~ My hearts content.
Someone close to me (can't share the name~sorry) will begin the steps to open a crystal shop.
One of my dear friends will get married (yup~she knows spiritually who she is, it will surprise her family and some of her friends).
I will be teaching and speaking to large groups of people about love (and some other cool stuff).
One of my friends whom isn't expecting it, will find herself with child and will need to make a decision about it.
A woman that I used to be close with will choose her son over her husband because his behavior will overpower her and it will seem easier, she will have a stroke and her son will "take care of her".
A young woman who is close to me will reconnect with a past love ~ not so past ~ and rekindle the flame in a new way.
Fall Creek Healing Center will begin to offer much more than just massage ~ tumors, cancers and other life threatening "dis-ease" will be healed, harmonized and balanced and some will choose to leave, while others stay in a new way.
I will be more a bridge than anything else. Connecting energies of many.

Okay, that's it for now... Much more to follow...
Also, I will be playing with more psychic energy so if you are interested in being a playmate, let me know. Want to do more distance healing along with readings...

Yeehaw 2010!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kundalini Yoga and the lion king

Tonight's kundalini yoga class was focused on the heart~opening, clearing, projecting heart energy. So often during stressfilled times (like holidays) our hearts get "bogged down" with hurts, pains, misunderstands, anger, resentments, and anxiety. I remind myself that these are all choices, but sometimes if we use the tools that we have to pay attention to the way we are feeling in our bodies we can "tai chi" away those negative thoughts and feelings and open space for more heart vibrations.

The set tonight was just that, a tool to open space for more heart vibrations. And during the meditation we were asked to hold an intention of a miracle, something that we wished for and would allow the intention of our hearts to help us manifest. I, of course, asked for the sale of the church to be agreed to and final by January 1st. What a great miracle for me and my family and for the new stewards also. It will mark a beginning and an end and a beginning... Like the circle of life!

And with that said, the circle of life makes my mind go to the Lion King (this is just how my wonderful odd mind works...)... Soooo,
hakunaMatata, what a wonderful thing.
Hakuna Matata means no trouble for the rest of your days, its all problem free, philosophy, Hakuna Matata!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scents for the Season, Aromatherapy classes locally

A good friend asked me today how I get in the "holiday spirit" and the first thing that came to mind was pine essential oil and a mixture of clove and spikenard. Scents are a simple way to connect to thoughts and feelings, and those memories create physiological feel good responses in the body ~ for me those scents are holiday, family, connections, winter, sleds, ice skating, baking with Mom, making ornaments, stringing lights (and checking each strand to be sure that ALL of them are working~thanks Dad), food coloring the snow banks, and so so much more...

After our conversation about holiday spirit, another friend posted a question on facebook about how to get in the "holiday spirit" and I noted essential oils!

Because of the two "conversations" about holiday spirit and essential oils, I thought about how lots of folks are unfamiliar with essential oils. They don't know how to use them, have no idea that they are medicine (pharmacology is based on essential oils), or that they could learn more from an amazing teacher and essential oil therapist.

With that said, I would like to share a link to an amazing site AND let you know that there will be classes available all summer, locally, in Danby. Please check out the website and see if any of the offerings peek your curiosity.

Here is the website:

Have a happy scent filled holiday! xo Janet

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Many of the visions that come to me are bits and pieces and then they get put together later on down the road... This vision came all at once and it was so profound and deep (like part of my cells were speaking) that I wanted to share...
In my vision Jim, my new husband, and I are dancing in the forest. I am wearing a long flowing white dress with iridescent blue, purple and green hues like dragonfly wings and I am barefoot. Jim is wearing khaki shorts, no shirt and sandals. We twirl gracefully and turn with our backs facing each other and our arms interlocked. We merge and become a willow tree. Our "hair" becomes the branches of the willow and as the wind whispers our hair blows in the wind. As our roots go deeper into the earth in the adjacent field our children "appear" and run toward us (the willow tree). They begin their own dance, one that I don't recognize, but seems very familiar to them. They move around the willow tree and as they go three times around they turn and back into the trunk of the tree. With their backs against the tree they hold hands and begin to sing. It is a song that I hear often, but am unable to duplicate with human voice. It feels as if I am home.
I have recorded this vision in my journal so that when in the future a challenge appears, which since we are all human and don't think inside one another's mind, we know it will, I am able to connect to this vision and remember the gift of this union!
Thanks be to all!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fairies at the Met

Just got home from NYC, spent three days visiting friends and family and while I was there I spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. AND, what do ya' know the Fairies were speaking to me there too!! Got a fairie book from one of their cool exhibits and it is SO interesting! There are lots more people who have the "gift" (as it was referred to at the MET) and there are lots of books about these magical folks. Since we create our own reality based on what we think/believe, I am in heaven -- fairie heaven! Yeah!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fairie Homestead has begun

We collected some cool rocks, gems, and crystals and started our fairie homestead in the woods ~ started with the coolest log that Jim's sister Betsy found while meditating! The tree that came down (which we cut up into logs and shared) was braided with other trees and reminded me of how all things are intertwined. Inside the fairie homestead, which will be located in the hawthorne trees, will be a path and a circle that is created with rocks that we collect from the woods (attuned with Reiki) that will hold the space for healing ceremonies and rituals. Inside the circle we will invite others to sit and participate if they so choose, in ceremonies that the fairies will be our guides. The fairies are so excited (at least that what I heard while meditating and pulling fairie tarot cards). They told me that they will hold and protect all the prayers we leave with them (they are oh so generous)! So I am working on a canister that will sit in their circle, that is filled with sacred tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and ashes from the grandmothers fires. The canister will be adorned with gemstones and other sparklings because they love sparkly beautiful things. I am so excited for this project to get underway and can't wait to invite folks to the first ceremony in the finished homestead! I'll keep you posted!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Angel Wings and words

I heard the most profound saying yesterday from a very wise woman... We were discussing some behaviors that we were not comfortable with, totally forgetting the teachings of Abraham which we are both very well versed in, and we both stopped at the same time... It was like a light bulb went on and both recognized that it was not a positive vibration that we were creating... Then she shared a saying that another wise woman had passed on to her...

It was this:

When you talk about someone in a negative way, or say mean negative things to someone, you are taking the wind out of the sails of the Angels who are trying to help them.

This was powerful to me. I know and see and hear Angels all the time. I also know that everyone has guidance and divine energy surrounding and interpenetrating their energetic body. So, this statement reminded me that everyone has a right to be who ever they want to be. Everyone has a right to live how they want to live. And everyone has a right to the consequences of their actions because they are a tool that the Angels use to help us along our path to enlightenment.

Today, if you find yourself engaging in negative conversations about someone else (and because families are together for the holidays it is quite easy to get sucked into old patterns and there is usually one or two members of the family / tribe who don't follow the path that the group feels is right who have the poison directed at them) take a breath, look at them and imagine their Angels standing beside or behind them and say something or think something positive in place of the negative.

May you always add to the hope, joy, and enlightenment of yourself and others, and may your Angels wings always be filled with air!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall Creek Healing Center, logo agreed upon

I am SOOOOO thrilled. I have the best web/graphic designer in this universe! I just know it!
I spent an hour or so today going over how I see things, and sharing my heart, and she captured it and got it to fit into one little logo... Can you just imagine - one image, that when you see it you know it is like when you can't really articulate a feeling, and voila, its right in front of you... I am sooo excited! Thank you Angels for the love of art that was inside my amazing daughter which brought me to Jackie which started our connection which has continued to grow into such respect for each other, both personally and professionally, and we both get to experience the other's craft! What a joy! What a complete vibrational match! Dancing on sunshine right now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Angels of Abundance

Went to a fabulous art show last night at Thou Art Gallarage in downtown Groton. It was so nice to see Dee (the artisit extroidinare) and Nance (gallery owner). BEAUTIFUL angels with different messages and all with their own personalities! I was fortunate to acquire the angels of abundance painting. She (they) will hang in my new office space reminding me always of the abundance of the Universe and the power we all have, just by our sheer desire, to create even more! What a great reminder she will be! Thanks Dee!

Friday, November 20, 2009

helping or hindering

Today is my day to just be. I blocked off the day so that I didn't take any appointments and just allow the Universe to direct my way... It is amazing how my mind works as I putter around the house, doing the chores that always need to be done, and remembering to breathe and pay close attention. Since I am paying close attention (to my thoughts and feelings) I thought I would share some pearls of personal knowledge/experience about kids and our relationship to them (this may also be for some folks information they can use in their love relationships or their relationships with their siblings and parents, and even in a work environment).

So here comes the rambling: My experience about the fine line between helping or hindering another's life (for me this refers to my / Jim's children) has been a re-assessment process for me since I was 20 and had my first beautiful child. As parents we often have an internal struggle with if I don't do (fill in the blank here) __________, then my child will be really be messed up, will hate me forever and everyone around me (my parents, siblings, and friends) will see me as a failure / bad parent. This was (notice I say WAS) one of my tapes that ran continually in my lovely creative imagination. This tape I found made me very controlling of my children's actions and behaviors for quite a long time. It wasn't until my second child was almost 13 and was beginning the age of experimentation, trying on lots of different faces, that I had the epiphany about control... A friend (who just happens to be a counselor) said to me (after a little altercation with Sara and a bad choice she made) "try to remember to use natural consequences, rather than imposing stringent "punishments" that you can't abide by". This was a huge light bulb that went on. I realized that reacting before thinking because of fear of the whatifs really did neither of us any good. I changed the way I thought. Instead of imposing my own consequences, I began looking for the natural consequences like -- because you did not tell the truth I am finding it hard to trust you when you say you are doing (a,b,c,), therefore until I begin to experience more truth from you, you will need to be chaperoned for all outside the home events (ie. football games, movies, getting together with friends, etc.). It took a few times of me retraining myself to think before I responded, but it began to get easier very quickly. My child was no longer confused about why she was being treated in a certain way and I was no longer punishing myself with long consequences that I couldn't stick by.

So, this leads me to my most recent re-assessment because of some trouble my step-son has gotten himself into. He is struggling because there are natural consequences for his actions. He is trying very hard to blame his parents, his x-girlfriend and he is not looking at his own behavior. At first, because he was really struggling his parents didn't know how to respond. Neither one of them wanted to be thought of as a bad parent so they went above and beyond... They allowed their child to speak to them with poison. They took it because they had the tape going round and round (just like I used to). After a few weeks of practicing natural consequences and reminding their child that this was his choice and that he needs to now figure out a way of behaving differently, he began behaving differently (go figure??!).
This has been an interesting process for me because I so remember a time with my eldest which was very similar. And I remember thinking if I don't help him fix this he may not make it... But, what I realized is this: When we think (send out that vibration) that someone is not capable of taking care of themselves we are telling them we don't think they are smart enough, creative enough, resourceful enough, grown up enough (etc) to live their life. We take away the joy (and sometimes suffering) that they need to reach their highest potential. We do them an unjustice, we hinder them because of our own fears.

My suggestion for you (and always for me too) is to ask yourself how you feel. How do I feel about __________ (again you fill in the blank), why do I feel this way, How can I feel differently if the feeling is not pleasant, and what is in the best interest of myself and those involved. Paying attention, although sometimes not the easiest, has always been for me the only way to grow, shift, change, -- easily and effortlessly -- with as little discomfort to myself as possible. This statement may sound "selfish" so some, but to me it is imperative. If I am uncomfortable in my life, then how can I support others to be the most comfortable authentic person that they can be? I choose to help, rather than hinder. How 'bout you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Creek Healing Center, coming soon

So, if you have been following my blog, you are aware that my life has once again morphed into more! I am in the process of selling my church and have moved my residence to 525 Lafayette Road. Still in Groton...
Anyway, we are adding an addition onto the house so that I can have my office here. Then in January, My Love will be attending Massage School and then next year we will build a new home out by the pond and use this house as a healing center.
In preparation for the healing center, when I move my office, I will be changing my marketing materials to reflect Fall Creek Healing Center... Janet @ Fall Creek Healing Center.

This is just a "head's up" so that when my business cards and website shift no one panics. Its just a shift, and the space, although different than the church (nothing could compare to that space) will be just as amazing energetically. The window looks out into the most beautiful field and woods and if clients so desire they can take a walk in the woods on the walking paths that lead around the property. The paths are beautifully maintained and there are benches along the way for you to use for meditation or quiet reflection, or just to absorb the information received during a session...

Soooo dear friends. Don't fret, its all good. Service will not be interrupted!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th, my new favorite day

Friday the 13th! My new favorite day! It is the day that my Love and I joined together ready to move forward in this space and time continuum, committed to one another for eternity!
The day was beautiful! We went into the woods with the dogs, my Love and I. Set the space so we could share our vows and journey together...

What I promised to My Love was this:

" I promise to always take good care of myself and be the best me I can be and to always encourage you to do the same I promise to take time every day, no matter what else is happening in our lives, to connect energetically. To fill "the box" with such joyful, blissful memories that even if we are not seeing eye to eye on something I will remember why I love, honor and respect you, (this beautiful light being that you are); and I promise to honor your choices, remembering that you will always honor mine."

(photo by Carol Hill,

After exchanging rings, and sharing our vows, Jim led us in a shamanic journey. Didn't take me long to go through the "portal" and begin dancing in the other world energy. As I was dancing with Jim, Elizabeth joined us. The three of us were holding hands and it felt like a game of Maypole. There were beautiful ribbons and I was still in some way connected to the physical world because I could hear the drum and we were dancing to that beat. Then, a huge gust of wind brushed my physical body and Jim left the circle and came back to his physical body and Elizabeth took my hand and the earth seemed to open up to share a stairway into the earth. As Elizabeth and I descended into the cool earth the "ceiling" above us were the roots of the trees and they seemed to "tickle" my head and remind me of what was above. We danced in the underworld for quite sometime, until I was distracted (in the physical world) by the sound of a hawk. I immediately came back to my body. I stood beside myself and gently lay down to connect with the physical world again, and then Elizabeth came and stood beside me and looked at me so lovingly and with such gratitude and she lay down into my body and I heard "And so it is done, we are one". And in that moment I knew I had healed a part of myself that I didn't even know existed.

I can only imagine this union getting more magical and blissful and beautiful as time moves forward.

AND, I now have added to the vows that I shared on Friday because of a suggestion from my dear friend Corbie- "marriage is a 60/60 proposition...each one goes a little more than halfway, and that extra 10% locks it in for the tough times!")

I promise to always give 60% and welcome your 60% so that the extra 10% locks it it for the tough times... HO!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday after school Sam, Jim's 10 year old son, had a friend over after school. It was so fun to watch. When they first came inside after getting off the bus, Brutus greeted them and was introduced, then I came around the corner and Sam, under his breath says "Don't embarress me" and he had this adorable half smile that he wears sometimes when we play. It was so heart warming and endearing. What a joy this boy has brought into my life.
Anyway, as I tried to stay out of their way, I was quietly in the background. When they came in for dinner after playing in the creek and riding scooters, they were so animated. Their stories and laughter filled the kitchen and I could see it filling the house. I just gotta say, there is nothing more fabulous than the sound of laughter, and the sound of laughter from my beautiful boy is one of the best sounds I know! So, if you are feeling not so in the river, figure out a way to laugh or listen to laughter. It is the sound that cures!

Monday, November 9, 2009

She will tell me her story, ahh Elizabeth

If you have read my post from about four days ago, I told you of a spirit whom I have been contacted by (?) named Elizabeth. Well our dance continues as she wakes my up every night just after midnight, with last night being no exception. Even Bru hears her and gets restless.

Two nights ago I was dreaming but very present in my dream. I heard everything and saw everything and FELT everything - like it was all happening in this reality. In that "dream" Elizabeth was calling me again to come out to the pond. Again I felt a twinge of something like fear - heart racing, curling into a tight ball, sweating, etc... Now I know spirits can't really hurt me, and when I am in my logical mind I tell myself this is unrealistic, Elizabeth doesn't want to hurt me just talk to me... Anyway, in my "dream" I go out to the pond, I sit on the dock, Elizabeth comes up behind me, then pushes me in and I drown. It doesn't hurt and I see her face looking into the water and I am not afraid in the water as I sink to the bottom. I am only afraid when I wake up. When I am in the water I am peaceful. And the rippling designs that I see as I look up into her face are quite beautiful. The water makes her face change and it intrigues me.

Last night she called to me again. This time I woke myself up and said "I will not be afraid". I got out bed, grabbed my drum and went out to the pond (with the dogs-- just in case). My heart was racing and I prayed the whole way for light to surround me and for me to hear what I was supposed to hear. I sat in the field by the pond - couldn't make myself go to the dock - and within a few minutes I was "traveling". Traveling for me while I drum is like feeling the earth below and then feeling my body grow and expand beyond my physical body and I feel sensations of warmth and breezes softly caressing my entire being. It is magical... With that background information out of the way, I'll continue about Elizabeth.

While I was drumming (I had my eyes closed) I felt someone walk in front of me and sit beside me. I didn't open my eyes, just kept drumming. I then heard a whisper of information (which I can't share yet but in time will). Elizabeth was introducing herself to me. She sat with me while I drummed for over an hour. I felt the fear melt into the earth and didn't even realize it had been an hour - my fingers were frozen and I was stiff from sitting in the same position, but I was also so filled with joy, and as began to come back into my body, Mucca (Jim's dog) came and licked my face and Brutus sat behind me. I was surrounded with light beings and we were all one.

I imagine in time, Elizabeth will tell me her whole story and I will share it when she gives permission. Until then, I now know that when she calls to me I will come. And I will listen. And I will drum.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TV, knowing what vibration you are including

In the last two months I have been inundated with TV. I went from no TV, to a little TV, to lots of TV. Most of the shows that are on are on children's channels, because Sam likes certain programs. As I watch them I am reminded to pay attention to what is being said, and what is not being said but implied. It amazes me all of the "adult humor" that is incorporated into children's shows. Makes me ponder... Is this "societies" way of grooming our future generation? And if it is, what are we grooming them for? Even the cartoons are filled with anger and the thoughts of "all for me, no matter how I get all for me". So, the way I am protecting Jim's lovely child, since he seems to not be able to NOT watch, is this, and please feel free to practice this energy with your family and yourself: Breathing IN imagine energy from the earth coming into your feet and up through your legs, all the way up through your mid section, and out through the top of your head. Then imagine this amazing healing energy (vibration) forming a "fountain" and allow it to cover you with protection so that only positive vibration gets through. Once you have practiced this and feel like you can do it well (and of course "well" is always up to you) then do it and sit next to your child. Imagine the fountain flowing over you and your child! This, for me, seems to help with what is absorbed and what is repelled vibrationally. Energy is real, it can be felt and it influences our moods, thoughts, and actions. I believe that paying attention to energy can be more beneficial than worrying about what you eat... Of course, once again, this is my belief and a belief is only a chronic thought. So, ponder these thoughts and see if they serve you. If they do, keep them. If they don't release them! Whichever you choose, do it with joy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A few weeks ago I "saw" a woman dressed all in black (black cape and all) standing out by the pond at my new home (which is where my new office will be located mid-December). I felt like she was calling me and I felt a bit of, not really fear, but resistance. Didn't know why, but that was what I felt.

Anyway. I have seen her twice since then so last night I drummed and had a "conversation" with her. She told me her name is Elizabeth and she is mourning the loss of her husband who she saw murdered. She says she is "home". Then, when I shared this with Jim, my love, he said that he has had 2 past life regressions and saw himself murdered in one and his wife witnessing it. He also shared that he was told in a sweat lodge from a woman who channels that the wife from the past life was searching for him in this life and that when she found him he would know it. (He believes that woman to be me).

Then, this morning when I was pulling cards I got letting go (Zen tarot) and it talked about letting go of a home or something that you have identified yourself with so that you can be ready to accept the gift that is being given to you presently. As I was reading this, Elizabeth appeared behind Jim and said "The church hasn't sold becuase you are holding on to it as a safe guard, a what if, and
I am here because you are not fully here. I am holding the space but only for a little".

Could this Elizabeth be my spirit from the past? It was quite an epiphany for me when she said that I was holding the church as a safeguard. Which, of course, means now I can let it go and the sale will move foreward quite quickly.

Isn't it amazing what we learn from spirit? Such a gift!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Vortex. Abraham-Hicks

Yesterday I watched the Vortex, an Abraham-Hicks DVD. If you haven't seen any of their material I highly recommend it. I have read many of their books, have watched a few videos and practice much of what they teach. This DVD is, by far, the most amazing one to date. It came to me at the most perfect moment and it pulled me out of a space of suffering that I had allowed (and yes ALLOWED) myself to get sucked into. One of the things the DVD did was remind me that our entire life is a choice. All of it. And, when we say we are not happy because of something someone else chooses, and we continue to talk about it, we yes WE alone are responsible for our unhappiness. Gosh what a truth. AND if we can all learn to resonate in that truth (Universal Truth) more than not being there, our world will go into warp speed with co-creation of a joyful, in the vortex, plane of existence.

So, please please please, watch this. I have it if you would like to borrow it, and it comes in book form and books on tape too for those who wish to read or listen instead.

Jump in the vortex today - remember how it is to feel true joy and elation at life!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time, does it really heal all wounds... only if you allow it

So interesting as I sit here and look out at the bare trees and am reminded that mother nature is beginning her slumber so that she can awake in spring, fresh beautiful and stronger!

This also makes me wonder if more of us took time to rest and be good to ourselves would we continue the cycles of pain that we have created for ourselves, or would we be able to release and awaken stronger from our patterns of pain?

I have a dear friend whom I have loved for many years and she still holds herself in a pattern of pain from a marriage that ended more than 10 years ago. 10 years of blame and hurt and anger built up inside of her. And she says, but he did (blah blah blah). And, yes it is true, he did hurt her. And I remind her, yes this is true but it is exactly what you have been talking about for a long time and how can you create a different future if you hold yourself in this vibration of pain from an experience that happened many years ago.

With that said, I then look at myself. I question myself and see if there is a place inside that may be holding me in the past, because I know that if I am having this conversation with my dear friend it is also for me to be aware and self examining. So today I take time to ask, examine, release that which no longer serves me, and then rest and I know that this will open the space for the future to be different from the past... stronger, more beautiful and fuller, just like mother nature is doing right now... leaves are gone, rest begins, the leaves which no longer serve a purpose on the trees will cover the earth and serve a different purpose, and all is well!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's just what I do.

My friend Corbie (a great psychic and all around super person) asked if I would write an article for her newsletter explaining what I do. I didn't know if I could do that because as most of us are aware, sometimes what we do is just what we do... Its in our blood, and articulating it so that it can be understood by another can sometimes not be so easy (at least for me). So, below is the article - hope you enjoy it!

September 24, 2001 was a day that changed my world. I was in a serious automobile accident that smashed my left side and made it impossible for me to “do for myself”. I spent three months in a hospital bed healing and was unable to “busy” myself with responsibilities (should’s, need to do, expected from me’s). I had to be quiet and LISTEN to my internal voice and the voices of those that may not be seen by the physical eye. That eventful day was my first introduction as an adult to my blue angel, Mary. She “appeared” in my front seat and I heard very clearly... “you’re gonna be hurt, but your gonna be fine”. I was not afraid. I did not see the other car smash into me. I let go. I said to Creator... “take me fast, or let me know why I’m still here” and again Mary said to me... “In time”. Short and sweet. Simple.

During my time of quiet I had a number of “other worldly” experiences. The one that remains with me even today is this: As I was just starting to wake up one morning and I was still in that place between the worlds, I saw what I think of as fairies, like tinkerbell in PeterPan. They were sparkling light that was above hovering above the crown of my head and they looked the same as the sparkles that you see when the sun shines over a new fallen snow. As I was witnessing this energy, it moved inside. To me it was as if I was inside my body traveling through my blood stream to the broken parts, actually being part of the sparkling energy. As that energy filled the injured parts they were suddenly appearing to me to be “fixed” and “whole”. The entire experience gave to me a deep sense of trust. Trust in myself, trust in the Universe, trust in humanities amazing

ability to heal, trust in what I have been shown and the “knowing” that I have, simply put it is really just trust in the process.

I have stood in this energy and lived by it ever since. It has guided me to know what is best for me, and it has been present during good times and challenges, and it has never left me doubting. It is the energy that I connect with when I do my work... It's the energy that I humbly offer to those who wish to heal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My sound

Forgive and forget? Sometimes not so easy

Today my thoughts are about forgiveness. People say "forgive, just get over it" and it sounds so easy... But when you have received the poison energy sent out by others with words and behaviors that are unkind, and sometimes very ugly it is not so easy to just get over it.

I find that many of my friends and clients have suffered deep hurts, deep enough that it tears at the fabric of their being. It overwhelms them and "pops up" at the oddest times. They find that they want to let it go, forgive, but it seems to live in their cells.

How do we as a society move forward in love when we hold such hurt inside? My thoughts are this: Find a way to safely release the energy. Find a place (it may be the woods, or someone's massage table, or the attic of your home) where you can surround yourself with a pure light bubble that allows you to fill it up with the "stuff"... The memories and feelings that have been compressed because it was not acceptable to express them... and then express. When you're done for that moment see the bubble floating out into the universe and the energy being transformed into light. Our Universe has the ability to transform any energy. And with our loving thoughts and prayers we add to that ability through the collective consciousness.

In my life I know I have made mistakes regarding parents, siblings, friends and with my children and my hope is that I will be forgiven. So to expect forgiveness I need to forgive the shortcomings, the clumsiness, the faults of others and myself. This is a practice, it is a prayer, a prayer that is performed through my actions and with the way I live. I hope that I share that with all those who know me. I hope that I am always able to forgive and release the past so that I don't get stuck in the pattern of thinking that is blaming, judging or negative. I am committed to life and love and adding to positive vibrations of the collective consciousness so that others can plug in and benefit too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Ladies Welcome the new tenants

This weekend is the Cortland Psychic Fair at the Ramada Inn in Cortland. Since psychic energy is "on my mind" today I thought I would share that the new "stewards" (tenants, but I like to think of them as stewards of the energy and the vision of love, community, healing, and sharing) have been in communication with at least one of the ladies of the church. Damaris and Eric has been living at the church since October 2nd and have been doing ceremony in the sanctuary to bring their energy there. Yesterday Damaris shared that she (in her consciousness) "saw" a woman in the sanctuary dressed in blue and white. I am SO excited about this. For me it is an affirmation that I listened, asked the "right" folks to come, and now can rest easy that the vision continues! I am so grateful to them for #1 being who they are, #2 taking the chance to move to a new community where they really don't know anyone to also listen to spirit, and #3 that they connect to the earth, the stones (oh boy does Eric have stones!!), and to my heart! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been paying particular attention to moments lately... The ladies and I have been having "conversations" about life and death and living well and dying well and one of the things that has stayed in my cells is a "conversation" that I had with Lillian... She is the strongest energy that I connect with at the church and she was the first one who contacted me...

Here is what I remember: Lillian "was talking" about her life, like it was happening right then and she said (or I heard?!) "We all have those moments that define and shape who we are and how we are in the world and how we are perceived by others. If we pay attention to ALL moments then we are always alive, and if we pay attention to some moments than we are sometimes alive, and if we don't pay attention to any moments then we are surely dead".

Because of this conversation, I have been (and this is really nothing new for me, but it is just stronger now) paying attention to the moments ... the moments of goodness, the moments of unrest, the moments of joy with my children, the moments of words and sentences spoken just before closing my eyes to journey to the land of dreams, moments of smells and sounds and feelings toward myself and others...

The other thing I have done (and again this is not new) is create an I love _____ box. In this box (and I actually have an I Love box for all of the relationships in my life) I place things that remind me of special moments so that when I am having a difficult moment I can go to the I Love so and so box and see, touch, feel and remember the reasons why they are so wonderful and the moments that we have shared, and immediately - like magic - the difficult moment is gone and it is replaced with an amazing warm fuzzy feeling of love and appreciation!

So, hope today you pay attention to all the moments in your life and take time to be alive rather than just existing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ace of Wands

So as you know if you read my blog or know me personally, I pull cards every morning. Not to tell me what to do, but to ask my Self (not self with a small s) what energy I need to create for me a most wonderful lovely day and how to work with the energy that surrounds me at this moment in time. Today I pulled the Ace of Wands and then the Death card.

The Ace of wands reminds me to create a space just for me. A space to manifest my dreams and to allow the energy of desire to be cultivated and to bubble with energy. This to me was very interesting because yesterday, my friend Eric 12th Moon (a wonderful astrologer if anyone ever needs a reading from a soul that is quite beautiful) reminded me that since I have physically moved into my partners home I need to create space that is just mine... "Change the space" he said -- "paint, move furniture and incorporate things that are yours". This will set the space for you to "be". Then the card comes this morning reminding me of the same thing. Hummm, maybe its time to paint and finish bringing the rest of my "things" from the church to the new residence (and don't worry, I'm still practicing in the church).

After the Ace of Wands I picked the death card. I asked my Self (big S) what energy I would need to be aware of in order to support the Ace of Wands and it was the Death card. Death of the physical body is not a problem for me to grasp and feel comfortable with, although I know many folks who see it differently. We all die a little every moment... with regret, not telling our truth, not loving others when they need it the most, forgetting the true meaning of our existence, not searching for passion, just accepting that this is all there is and maybe there is just no more...

The death of a "goal" is sometimes just as difficult as a physical reality death, because our non-physical reality is just as powerful and we feel it just as much, even if we can't articulate what we are feeling... We just know. My goal of the church is changing. I know that the next stewards are ready to take their place and will create a beautiful amazing community space for healing AND it will not be "mine" perse, even though nothing ever really is "ours" except our thoughts and feelings. My new goal (and I am open to change and to seeing ALL the possibilities along the way) is this: Fall Creek Healing Center. The land here is ready. The energy is being prepared, the work has begun. I'll keep you posted and look forward to seeing you all here in the future! Love Love Love to you!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Abraham, power of our thoughts and FEELINGS

As you may know, my life has been going through a huge metamorphis... I now have a life partner, and new children (two grown, but still in my heart; one living at home and at a very impressionable age). With all of these changes, which I must say fill me with amazing joy, I am finding that I need to consciously create time for me. This is very different for me... Went from having LOTS of time and space to "do nothing and dream" to having school schedules, bedtimes, and dinner time... And, I must say it feels so right...

Anyway, one of the ways I am supporting myself in this new life is to watch uplifting videos and the most current one is from the Abraham series. If you have never seen any of their stuff check them out on the web. Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther channels energy which has been "labeled" Abraham. Labeled because as human beings we seem to need to define things, rather than just accepting, honoring and allowing... That is their big message - allowing. Allowing abundance, joy, goodness. And with our thoughts, words and feelings we do that, some of us consciously and some of us unconsciously. I have, for the most part, been a conscious "allower". It has always worked for me.

One of the "techniques" that they share is to pay attention to what you talk about. If you desire love, but continually talk about not having love, then your vibrational match is to not have love. If you desire money, but you constantly talk about what you are lacking, then guess what, your vibrational match is - yup, you guessed it - lack. So if you desire things to change in your life you need to pay attention to what you are talking about. What are the conversations that surround you? What do you and your friends discuss when you are together. Your problems and others problems, or dreams and intentions and visions of how you truly want life to be. Do you buy into the reality that is given to you on TV and through society, or do you listen to your heart and follow that still small voice that says "Live, Love, Laugh, Enjoy, Feel, Share, Give, Gracefully receive" and the list could go on and on...

My dream is this... We all choose to LIVE! We all choose to LOVE! We all choose to be AWAKE and AWARE! We all choose to pay attention to HOW WE FEEL WHEN WE CHOOSE... Like the Nike ad says, Just Do It!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zen Tatot, The Master

Good morning to all you early risers! Each day I pick three zen tarot cards to prepare me for the energy of the day. Today I chose the Master first - this card is the main energy and the next two are the energies that will support this one. The two supporting cards were playfulness and creativity.
The Master reminds me to just be. Not to be higher or lower than anyone else, just to be, to know and to hold space for those who wish to participate. This is a great card today because it is the Paint the Town Pink event in our little village. This is a Breast Cancer Awareness event and I will be at Bun Apetite bakery on the deck talking about ways to support those challenged with cancer and those who are holding the space for them.
Lots of times we pray (in whatever way that is for each one of us personally) for the person who actually has the cancer, but we forget the family and friends of that person. This job, the job of supporter, is also very challenging. The supporters present as "strong" and they (many times) are not given the space to just fall apart and express their fear, sadness, and also joy at being able to be the supporter.
Cancer can be an opportunity for families to heal, for individuals to become whole, and for communities to come together without "stuff"... They get to SEE the person, and cancer is the great equalizer - it doesn't choose someone with no money, or someone who has struggled in their life, or someone who has the picture perfect life. It affects everyone.
So, back to the Master... I beleive I chose this card today because I am being reminded that just because I am the "Therapist" it does not make me any more or less than the person challenged with the "dis-ease". We share space, we share love, we hope for the highest good for all involved and sometimes we let go.
My hope for those I meet today is that they follow the path that is right for them to find and become whole!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Death. dying consciously

Yesterday we had to put Sassy to sleep. She was 10 years old and had cancer throughout her body. She was ready... This was the first time that I experienced this with another person and a child. We spent the morning loving her up and saying thank you for her 10 years of service, I listened to stories of her life and then we said good bye. We took her to Groton Animal Hospital and they were fantastic. They allowed us to do ceremony, burning palasanto (sage), lighting candles, rattling and praying while she very quickly left her body. We all sat together, Jim, Sam, Sassy and I, on a blanket on the floor and began the greiving process...
All day long we cried everytime we saw something of hers. By the evening we started to feel less sadness and this morning we are feeling grateful that she didn't have to suffer any longer and that she was able to cross very peacefully... She will be missed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Love is in the air

Wow, since the equinox a few days ago, I have heard from at least three of my friends who have been sending out the rocket of desire to manifest love that they have received that gift back from the Universe!  
It is amazing and I am in awe at how many folks are now finding their perfect match, their soul mate if you will, and in very fast time.  Seems like the friends (and myself) that I have talked with knew instantly that their mate was long term-- lifers...  
Yeah, I am not the only one on the energetic plane of instant manifestation.  As our world begins to vibrate and spin faster time is doing the same.  And, of course, when its right and you are in the river, time speeds up to produce the exact desire that you send out.  Wow, are we lucky to be living in this space.  
I hope that all of your dreams come true and that love, whether you have it now or are looking, finds space in your heart today and always!  Muah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Psychic Predictions

Last night we had an open forum with psychic Cindy Newcomb. For me getting a reading is about validation. I have never considered myself "psychic" but I sure do get "hits" of information for myself, clients and sometimes strangers. One thing that stands out to me about this type of phenomenon is that the psychic gets the information but interpretation is totally up to the person receiving. That's why I don't usually interpret what I hear or see. That's not my job. It is just to report the information (if I hear that I am supposed to share) and allow the person receiving to hear what they hear. So, Cindy, who didn't know a lot about the changes in my life, was again right on. She told me that Jim (my partner) and I had been together for lifetimes and that we were working on creating ... (can't let that out of the bag yet) and that the construction of the new space would be complete within three weeks and oh yeah there will be a sauna /hot tub! All things that I have been consciously manifesting! Yeah for manifesting!

On another note, I just got the new Abraham DVD about being in the vortex. Watching tonight after work and will let you know how it is. If you are interested in borrowing, let me know that too!!

Enjoy your beautiful day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Life is Good ALWAYS!

sometimes ya' just gotta say YES!  Been going through some changes and had a pre-conceived notion that family would be freakin' out, but they have really surprised me!  They are all very supportive!  Sara has been coming to my new place of residence every day - having dinners together with the new ones in our life, and really enjoying the conversations.  

Speaking of conversations...  The most recent one I have been having with myself is this:  step-parenting...  what a new space for me to be in...  I am so seeing what my ex-husband went through with navigating the waters between being a surrogate parent and not over-stepping the boundaries already in place.  It is quite interesting and fun and trying sometimes.  We all have such differing views of child rearing and I am one to admit I was not perfect as a parent and when I was tired it was easy to just give in and not realize the consequences of the giving in.  
Parenting taught me alot about control...  Trying to control another person, whether they are your child, somebody elses child, friend or family member -- it just is a waste of energy.  The only one that you actually have control over (and sometimes you don't even have this since Universal law just happens to throw curve balls) is yourself.  So again I am reminded to drop the control - pay attention to my feelings as they are the navigational tool that has been given to us to keep us on the path of joy - and ride the waves!

This journey is a joy!  I am full of gratitude for the visions and experiences that I am taking part in at this point in my life, and I look forward to many many more!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

balance of energy

I have recently been "planted" right in the middle of LOTS of male energy.  It is quite impressive that I am able to hold my own feminine energy while still swimming in such testosterone...  I understand that women and men both have male and female energy and that within ourselves we balance that energy all the time, but to have so much surrounding me has been quite a test, and I am loving it!  Here is a photo of "the boys" taken this morning early before movement was really happening...  Quite a lovely feeling!  

Friday, September 18, 2009


Where does your true nourishment lie?

In the past four years I have been given the gift of intense change.  I have moved twice and am now moving once again.  In this transition I am offered the possibility of learning even more about what truly nourishes my soul.  I have trimmed the edges and left go of,  given away, many possessions; have re-”thought” many beliefs; have experienced loss of friendships; have worked on many creative ventures; have experienced “empty nest” as my youngest child left for college; and the list could go on...

Here is where my true nourishment lies:  love and joy.  Its that simple.  If you are FEELING (and notice that the word is capitalized...) good because you are experiencing love from self, a partner, children, friends, community, etc., then you are truly nourished.  Things don’t nourish.  They create diversions so that you don’t have to FEEL.  Where you live, what car you drive, what kinds of clothes you wear, what labels you have given yourself or been given - all of these things cannot and do not feel.  They are things - things that come and go and serve a purpose.  Yes, it is wonderful to live in a place that supports your life purpose, and it is wonderful to drive a car that you FEEL happy about being in on the road, and that you FEEL gratitude that you can be clean, fed, have water, etc...  But, when you are in the arms of your lover, or kissing your childs face, or hugging your aging parents, or praying for someone who is suffering then you are truly nourished.  And it is because you are connected!  

So, be grateful for the things in your life, but be nourished by the love you give and receive every moment!  Peace be with you!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Judgement.  This is the energy that I have been learning about lately and I am grateful.  To experience judgement feels to me like someone is looking through a lens of fear and old "stuff".  I know I have been guilty of sending out this energy in certain situations when I don't understand something or I have a preconceived notion of "right or wrong" and "if they would just do it my way it would be so much better for them" energy...
Here is the lesson I have been gifted with.  ITS ALL GOOD.  No matter what choices we make, if we look at them with love, they are all good.  Sometimes friends think that it is their "job" to point out your faults and maybe patterns of behavior that they judge to be bad.  I can't agree with this.  I believe that a friend is someone who maybe once says hummm what about this, or have you considered this... This language gives you the opportunity to look at something and decide for yourself if is truth.  But when someone comes from a place of judgement they say humm what about this and if you don't see it my way then I am out the door, gone, removed from the situation, no longer to be connected...  And that is hurtful to receive.  
So my hope for all of us is this:  when we judge others, look into our heart and ask the question, what about this situation do I fear.  Why do I feel that I have the power or "responsibility" to change someone elses view or behavior.  Is this behavior a trigger for old stuff maybe that was experienced in early times by my parents, siblings, society.  And does it work for me??  If it works for you and you find that you are supported in this belief than more power to you.  But, if after asking yourself if it works for you and you hear it doesn't, than have the courage to say "maybe I don't see the situation as you do, but I love you anyway".  I'm here for you in sadness, in joy and from a place of witness so that you can experience all that you came here to experience and be all that your journey brings to you...  With Love, Janet

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brave enough to follow your own path

I have had some amazing visions / messages over the last few weeks and I am jumping in the river...  While jumping in the river I am reminded that when we are following spirit and the messages we receive, they may not be logic in the 3D world.  If we are brave enough to follow our path then the gifts are wonderful, exciting and scary since we have one foot here and the rest of us is evolving.  True friends are those who will share their experience with you and their fear of the unknown, and yet will be so excited about the changes and your joy that they support your insight with out  tearing down the fabric of your choices... Much time has been spent lately praying and meditating and listening.  It has also been spent in relationship with others.  Knowing how you function best, even if it is not the norm or what others believe is "the best way" is a gift.  Being able to stand in your "knowing" is sometimes challenging to others, but it is always beneficial.  Remember YOU are the only one who thinks and feels inside your head and heart.  Trust it, Trust it, Trust it even if friends say "yikes, don't trust it... Where's the plan...  What's going to happen... Can't do it... ".   Love life well, love fiercely and trust the process!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I sit here beside myself looking deeply, wondering is it worth it?  Is my job here to experience the far right of pain, physical and within my soul and then left swings the scale and my heart is so full of love and gratitude.  Must I have these challenges to see?  I do see.  May I always know how to decipher the messages. Are they in my head or do I reach out and pluck them from the vast experiences of all.  

I ask myself, “who am I to you”?  How do I know the answer?  Have I always known?  Is the coming and going of love a gift?  Another chance to teach and learn about this most amazing energy and its different shapes and layers?  How do I accept that love and still protect my heart?  Do I practice living in the moment without regard for future consequence?  Will it break me?  NO!  I am reminded to go within my heart, through skin and muscle and connective tissue to the covering of the heart.  I explore this pulsing protective covering and I find I slip around to the back door.  I pull the door and it sticks.  I pull a bit harder and it is open and the light inside is so powerful I am left speechless.  In awe that this beauty is housed within my heart, and all hearts.  I must speak from my heart.  This light full of color will be released and spill out on those who my words touch.  So precious is this knowledge that I have buried it for years.  

My reality is changing and expanding like a pregnant belly.  That secret, that life about to be – not fearful, but active and ready.  Contractions…  this birth of myself.  I am ready to be expressed.  

Clear Messages

The last five days has been an amazing time for me.  Feels like a life time, yet in this reality it has only been five days...  Very Very interesting...
So, many messages have been coming.  The one this morning was huge, almost made me fall over...  While meditating and listening all 26 of the Ladies here appeared to me.  They formed a circle around me and three of them stepped forward (Lillian, Fannie and Margaret).  They said "daughter, it is time to move on, the next steward is ready and needs to step forward.  We (the three of them in unison) will come with you and the rest will stay to assist the new steward in the mission."   So, don't know where I'm going, but I have a feeling AND I have contacted three people whose names appeared to me while journaling about this experience.  Who knows what dreams may come, but I'm in the river, practicing radical trust, and remembering that I am always ALWAYS taken care of.  
Looking forward to keeping you posted!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Grandmother Margaret

As many of you know I was part of the organization that brought 8 of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Groton in October of last year.  It was an amazing experience and one that changed my life in very interesting ways.  Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with some of the Grandmothers and had the most amazing conversation with Grandmother Margaret (Red Spider Woman).  We talked about our world and we talked about women beginning to step up in the world and how we need to help our young women know how to be powerful and walk in a good way.  The best part of our conversation was when she "saw" me.  She looked right into my eyes and I felt like she was part of my soul and her advice to me was this:  love well, love fiercely, and the rest is not your responsibility, let it go it will hold you back.  This is such good advice.  She reminded me that we cannot control anyone elses thoughts, feelings or actions.  We are only responsible for our own walk here.  And, as long as we are walking with honor and integrity we will always be okay.  Doesn't mean we won't experience pain, sometimes it is the great teacher.  But it does mean that all of our experiences are meant to teach us.  What I hear is that when looking into the face of darkness or dark painful experiences, imagine that you are experiencing grace unfolding to teach us of power and love.  Ponder that, huh?!  

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who says you can't see a connection to other worlds

This past weekend there was a healing and psychic event in The Sanctuary.  It was fabulous and the Ladies were ever present.  I also felt the presence of Grandmother Margaret from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council.  The picture here was taken by my sister-in-law while I was "having a conversation" with Grandmother Margaret in spirit.  Notice the portal to the spirit realm (orb) around my head.  It was quite a "ride" for me.  Enjoy the day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Embracing yourself in all of your forms

Last week I experienced an amazing journey while receiving energy work from a skilled shaman.  As he was connecting with me, and the drums were playing I began to leave my physical body.  I was transported to a beach (Hawaii??!) where I was dancing to the beat of the drum.  Out of the water appeared a very large solid woman, high priestess is what I was feeling.  She walked up to me and touched my forehead (6th chakra, center for intuition) and she guided me to my knees and said "Daughter know thyself".   Next vision on the journey was dancing up a mountain with many others, all clothed in bright robes.  We get to the top of the mountain and we are at the mouth of a volcano.  I disrobe and dive into the lava, but it is not hot, just thick like swimming in a pool of warm bubble gum.  As I am swimming I dive deeper and come to water and then go through a passage way into a sparkling pool of water at the mouth of a waterfall.  I am absorbing the sun and feeling the cool water on my skin.  Out of the woods appears the high priestess from the beach.  So I swim over to the edge and she picks me up as if I am a kitten, by the "scruff" and she snaps me into being a snake.  The snap is like when you have a wet towel and you want to shake the sand off of it...  As I am now the snake and I feel the damp earth on my belly and the wet grasses across my back I come to a sunny opening in a field.  I crawl onto a hot rock and lift myself up and she appears again.  This time she snaps me into becoming a dragonfly and I am suddenly feeling the air currents on my face and hearing the sound of my wings beating and propelling me forward.  I am so enjoying this freedom when suddenly I am flying in the face of a shaman.  He is wearing an eagle headress and has whiskers and his face looks like a cats face.  He is studying me.  He whispers something that I can't make out and reaches up and grabs my dragonfly tail and snaps me like the high priestess did, and I am once again myself standing in front of this amazing not quite human being.  He reaches out to me and I feel as if he is worshipping me and honoring every cell in my body and he puts his arms around me and they become wings.  And I am enveloped with the pure knowledge of inner peace and simple joy that I have ever felt.  As I am incorporating that feeling into my physical body that is laying on the table, I come back to myself and know that all is well and I am free.  
Sound interesting?  It was a great experience that I can go back to anytime the reality here is not feeling peaceful and I can return to the place of knowing that we all have come from.

Friday, August 7, 2009

moon energy

Seems to me many people I have talked to lately are being shaken up and their molecules are being rearranged...  So last night I drummed with the full moon for myself and all others who may have experienced a little shaking up.  Hope is all we have... and it is good!

Here is a photo taken this morning on my walk... It is of the moon goddess and the sun god meeting and me being naked and exposed to the perfect balance of the universe. HO!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Computer Love

Computer Love
By: Carol L. Hill
August 3, 2009

Scanning, endlessly; profiles of promises
Profiles of lies, dishonest intent. Some claim
Hurt has brought them here, some profess
They are looking for someone dear.

Non-intimate, an open bar room of tasteful
And tantalizing treats. Some claim “friendship“,
While they are professing the same to another.
An easy place to meet, to break and release…no faces
No emotions, no burdens of someone else’s pain to 

No need for truth here, no need for man or women
Of any “substance“. Pages and pages of deceptive
Lures, lies, or at best half truths. Some married,
Some so consumed with the hateful consuming
Pains of past relationships…that any lonely soul
Will do. “She hurt me now look…I’ve now hurt you!”

Like an insane orgy of hurtful souls, computer
Love has gotten old. When true love is there, when
It find me…it will not be through the fake faces of 
the profiles I read…

Computer love… nope, it just ain’t no damn place for a 
Woman like me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nauthiz, Rune of Constraint, necessity and pain

As some of you may be aware, my partner is no longer my partner.  This was such a lesson for me and since I trust the natural signs that come to me to help propel me ahead I thought I would share the Rune I picked today.  

Nauthiz:  A cycle or initiation, it is the great teacher disguised as the bringer of pain and limitation.  It has been said that only at the moment of greatest darkness do we become aware of the light within and come to recognize the true creative power of the self.  When something within is disowned, that which is disowned wreaks havoc.  A cleansing is required and in undertaking it you fund a will and strengthen character.  Remember that "suffering" in its original sense merely meant "undergoing".  Thusly being required to undergo the dark side of the passage and bring it into light, remembering to control your anger, restraining impulses to be ugly and mean, and keeping faith firm.  

Whew, very "right on" for me today.  Sitting in the light with my crystals and smudging the crap out of the church!  Ho!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

two steps forward one step back

Don't know if anyone has ever heard this saying, but it sure was true for me last night.  Did all the measurements for the drywall last night, took down the remaining beams over the alter area, and then I pipe up and say to the guys... "I've been hearing water running and I can't figure out where it is coming from".  I was hearing it while in the downstairs bathroom.  I turned off both the upstairs toilet and then listened... Turned off the downstairs toilet and then listened...  Then got distracted and forgot...  So, the guys listened and followed the sound to the basement and then YIKES what do I find out... The basement is full of water...  The old hot water heater has burst its  bubble...  Water is spraying out like a hose and the basement is full of water up to the first step.  Sooooo Jeff and Dale, the amazing guys that they are, beat on the water heater (that's what it sounded like from upstairs...) and then plugged the hole, then got a sump pump from Dales house and plugged it here to move the water from the large hole in the middle of the basement to the area where my sump pump is...  What a mess...  BUT~it is now almost dry and I will be more aware to not get distracted and follow the noises that I hear until I figure out what they are.  Thanks Universe... done with that lesson... don't need it again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


As I was having a conversation with my dear friend Corbie about my new tattoo, she asked me why on the thigh...  I felt kindof silly telling her my thoughts and reasons, but did anyway.  AND since she didn't laugh hysterically I thought I would share with you also...  The reason I chose the thigh was because even though I spend much of my waking time in spirit land, I come back to ego land and see flaws in my physical body just like most of the women (and some men) I have talked to do.  And, one of my "tapes" that I have been and AM getting rid of is "thunder thighs".  Ya' know the thing someone says to you when you are, oh lets say, starting puberty and your body is changing and words are so powerful and "stick" with us (not just in our minds, but in our cells).  So, everytime I look at my tattoo, I hear how beautiful my legs are and what a fine piece of artwork adorns my oh so beautiful leg.  This is working for me!  I still sometimes see "thunder thighs" especially when I put on my jeans right out of the dryer, but it is getting less and less. This is also a gift of aging, seeing things and ourselves so much clearer and getting rid of the muck that has been the gift from our parents, siblings, society, media, etc...
I hope today you take some time and remind yourself how beautiful and amazing you are!  Because its true!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Long walks and great talks

I have found that during long walks I have some of my best conversations and ideas.  I think of it this way...  To be creative you need to have "space" in your life and walking gives me that feeling of time expanded... If you are trying to figure out something in your life or just add more space, try taking a long walk~ and if you can do it with a dear friend it is even sweeter!  
Thanks be to (whatever word describes your higher power...)!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New tattoo finished! What symbolism!

Here it is... A true test of mind over matter...  
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Information and Understand

Sanctuary: A place of refuge and safety! My intention with The Sanctuary here is to create the space right here in Groton to help with understanding of cultures, faiths and paths to wellness that may or may not necessarily be "the norm". All offerings based on Love and Do No Harm will be honored here! So, if you are interested in learning something new, let me know... I'll do my best to setup a workshop or find an experienced teacher to come here!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling Hours, What a torturous ritual

Tonight I went to calling hours for the husband of an amazing woman whom I have had the pleasure of calling friend.  They were married 51 years and as I stood in line witnessing the procession of folks paying their respects I was wondering who is this type of event for?  Surely not for the one who has lost a loved one and is left behind...  I wonder also why in America we find it necessary to do this ritual.  To have to stand up for HOURS and shake hands or hug people you may not even know, AND to be "strong" and hold it together when all you may want to do is scream and cry and sleep is just beyond me.  I went with my dear friend who lost her daughter a few years ago and she described it to me like this:  You see the people, you don't remember who was there (maybe a few but not many), its like a sea, just keeps coming and you keep wishing for it to end so you can go home crawl into bed and start the process of "living" again - even though life will never be the same...  So tonight I send love and hope to my friend who is grieving and pray that spirit is gentle with her.  Sleep well all and remember to tell everyone in your life that you love them, because you just never know when you won't be able to anymore...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alter is Open

I am so very grateful to Dale and Jeff for all of their hard work last night.  They worked so well together!  It was fun watching (I did try some manual labor, but ended up being more in the way, so became the gofer...).  The original alter is opened up and the dreams are coming to life!!  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are all in relationship, whether it be to ourselves, our partners, our parents and siblings, our communities, and our world.  I have been reminded of how fortunate I have been in this area of my life.  I have lived many "lives" in this one lifetime and so many relationships that have been learning experiences and growing tools given to me for my highest good to get me where I need to go/be.  So as I hear so many folks talking about how they are suffering (and they are truly suffering from choices and desires left unmet) I want to take this time to be grateful.  Grateful for the challenges I have been through and grateful for the love and kindnesses I have received, and grateful most of all of for the gift of spirit that has been planted in my heart!  Yeah!

Monday, July 6, 2009

words of wisdom from Chief Dan George

This quote is in the front of one of my favorite books, which I reference OFTEN!  The book is called "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews.  

"If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and then you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, you will not know them and what you do not know you will fear.  What one fears, one destroys" by  Chief Dan George.

I ask that you take this quote one step further.  Insert anything or anyone's name that you are afraid of in the place where the reference to Animal is.  If we can practice this way of thinking and being we will learn to understand one another and we will not fear.  We will not fear another's beliefs, culture, race, ideas, ways of being, etc.  Once we can understand each other we can begin to dialogue about ways that we are the same.  The desires that we all have to be joyful in our hearts and minds.  The needs that we have as we walk upon this earth.  And, if you can try to remember that what we fear we destroy (that is just human nature - been ingrained in us, programmed for many years, and at one time it served our species well, but now it just creates hate and negativity) then by opening up and trying to understand and talk to one another we can begin to heal, our hearts and our world.  Peace be with you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Full Moon July 7

I have been paying attention to my energy level and the weather and the moon... Very interesting. For the past two weeks, on the days it rained (and it rained ALOT) I was exhausted.  Tried everything to increase my energy.  Connected my chakras, did ARCH self treatments, prayed, took lots of Emergen-C, ate lots of green veggies and not much sugar, and still I just couldn't seem to ramp it up...  I also listened to everyone around me.  Seemed like everyone (and I know that's a large percentage and I may be exaggerating a bit by saying everyone but...) was feeling the same way.  

Now the last few days that it has been sunny and as the full moon approaches, I find I have LOTS of energy...  Energy to host a party, clean the house, walk for miles, sing, dance, and laugh...  I am looking forward to the full moon so that I can dance under the stars by the bonfire and keep up this divine energy surge that I have been so fortunate to be feeling.  I am hopeful that you all take advantage of this gift of the moon too!  Absorb the sun's rays, and dance till the vibration is markedly up a notch!!  Cheers!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red Sky Prophecy and more

I had a dream last night that was very intense.  When I awoke my heart was racing like I had been running and I felt like the dream had been real.  Here it is:  I am sitting at a picnic table in a beautiful field with all those who I love very close, other people out in the field and I could hear cows and horses in the background.  As we are eating at the table, the sky turns RED and I turn around and the sky is filled with airplanes.  They are coming toward us and I grad the baby sitting next to me and we (all those at the picnic table) run for the woods.  We get into the woods and come to a place in the forrest that has a pine needle floor and we have created an underground hide away.  We lift the floor of the forrest and go into the earth.  Then I wake up abruptly.
When I shared this dream with my friend Kat, she was shocked.  She said it sounded like the Red Sky Prophecy.  I was unsure of what she was talking about, so she sent me info...  Wow, quite right on with my dream...  If you get the chance, look it up on the web. Would love your input.

On another note, Sara and I did our video for extreme home makeover yesterday.  It was fun, but awkward.  Sara made me leave the room when she was doing her interview.  BUT, I get to see it today.  I think if nothing else it will be a keepsake for us, and I can look it over when I'm old and gray and remember... 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brutus is not happy with the weather man

Bru and I have been walking every morning...  Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, but either way we haven't missed a morning in awhile.  Today, thunder is a bit too intimidating and it is raining and wet...  So, here we sit like the kids in the cat in the hat, looking out the window, Bru whining and me wishing again for sunshine...  Wonder what kind of fun inside games we can play? Good thing we don't have a fish...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Medical Association Council on Science and Public Health Report

This report came from the American Medical Association's Council on Science and Public Health.  It is important that we share this information so that we can feel healthier in our bodies, which translates into happier human beings, which again translates into happier families and communities, which one more time translates into a happier healthier world! Kudo's AMA!

“Beyond the issue of poor nutritional quality are methods of food production and distribution that have additional negative effects on human and environmental health. These methods have contributed to the development of antibiotic resistance; air and water pollution; contamination of food and water with animal waste, pesticides, hormones, and other toxins; increased dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels (including fertilizers); and a food system that is increasingly vulnerable to accidental or intentional contamination. These methods of food production and distribution are inherent parts of the prevailing agricultural system, which is may be referred to as “conventional farming, modern agriculture, or industrial farming.”

In other words, it’s time to find a new way of doing things.

As part of the AMA policy resolution:

- That our AMA support practices and policies in medical schools, hospitals, and other health care facilities that support and model a healthy food system, which provides food and beverages of naturally high nutritional quality, is environmentally sustainable and economically viable, and supports human dignity and justice.

- That our AMA encourage the development of a healthier food system through the US Farm Bill and other federal legislation.

- That our AMA consider working with other health care and public health organizations to educate the health care community and the public about the importance of healthy and ecologically sustainable food systems.

According to the same Council on Science and Public Health report “Optimal public health requires a good, healthy food supply, but the United States cannot have a good, healthy food supply without a sustainable food system.”

Monday, June 22, 2009

I do believe the sun will shine again

Lots of rain this weekend... I remind myself how happy my tomato plants are and how happy I will be once the sun shines and ripens those juicy tomato's...  Just gotta keep remembering the sunshine.  It will come!  

On another note, looks like the first workshop in the Sanctuary is packed!  Got 30 people who have signed up for the Astrology workshop and Nance is moving today.  So, cuttin' it close, but have folks helping me get the space ready for wednesday.  Yeah!  It will be ready!

AND, if you get a chance, visit Nance in her new space on Main street.  She is in with BunApetite Bakery so you can enjoy art and yummies for the tummy all in one place!  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Definition of Insanity

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got...

This statement is screaming at me today. Many conversations in my little village lately about "change" but it is fascinating to me that those speaking about change are doing the same things that have always been done -- I hear "that's the way its always been done" and other cliche's.
It makes me crazy (eeeeeeekkk).
In my opinion (and remember this is only my opinion and not meant to judge anyone elses thoughts) our best bet is to all get together... Create community... STOP the madness... Do and think differently - it is safe! The Universe WILL provide! Lets NOT do what has always been done, lets DARE to be different, lets LISTEN to our hearts and remember we ALL want to be happy. Okay, there I have opened the door, peeked inside, and wow have I seen an amazing future - which begins right now in this moment!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Grouchy Ladybug

Went to my dear friend Eliza's daughter's kindergarten graduation tonight.  They incorporate a play with graduation every year, and this year Liza's daughter was the star -- the grouchy ladybug! It was so cute and funny and amazing AND it reminded me of how quickly time passes.  I saw the daughter of my daughter's babysitter and grandchildren of my friends...  Wow, is that dating or what...  Anyway, the moral of the play was to share what you have and there is plenty for everyone!  Yeah, I love that our kids, our future, are being taught this truth.  Let's hope that the concept and the seed have been planted so we can all watch our future grow.  Let's live in the truth of love, plenty for all, abundance, non-competition, joy and sharing, and lets impart that truth to our sometimes grouchy ladybugs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Womens Symposium sometime in January 2010

Had a great meeting today... setting in motion the energy for a women's symposium sometime in January or February next year. Topics.. Matilda Joselyn Gage, feminist and activist; how the six nations influenced the womens movement and how we can learn from them; then a discussion on how to move forward in the world, not only as powerful women but as conscious human beings. Wow, I am so honored to be involved in bringing this to life here in Groton!!  For more information about Matilda, please visit the foundations website at

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is good ALWAYS!

Today in the Advanced ARCH training we are practicing radical forgiveness...  What a concept!  I'll keep you posted and hope to be able to share some insights tomorrow.  Enjoy the sun and remember...  To be able to forgive you need to be able to see your part in the event, maybe not here on the physical plane, but on the spiritual plane for sure.