Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Psychic Predictions

Last night we had an open forum with psychic Cindy Newcomb. For me getting a reading is about validation. I have never considered myself "psychic" but I sure do get "hits" of information for myself, clients and sometimes strangers. One thing that stands out to me about this type of phenomenon is that the psychic gets the information but interpretation is totally up to the person receiving. That's why I don't usually interpret what I hear or see. That's not my job. It is just to report the information (if I hear that I am supposed to share) and allow the person receiving to hear what they hear. So, Cindy, who didn't know a lot about the changes in my life, was again right on. She told me that Jim (my partner) and I had been together for lifetimes and that we were working on creating ... (can't let that out of the bag yet) and that the construction of the new space would be complete within three weeks and oh yeah there will be a sauna /hot tub! All things that I have been consciously manifesting! Yeah for manifesting!

On another note, I just got the new Abraham DVD about being in the vortex. Watching tonight after work and will let you know how it is. If you are interested in borrowing, let me know that too!!

Enjoy your beautiful day!

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