Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holiays

Every year during the holiday season I like to take time to review the year: the joys, challenges, and dreams (realized or not). This year is no different. Many changes in 2011 happened for me, and thus my business. The universe provided me with a blessing in disguise and I moved (self and business) to an amazing little farm house surrounded by 500 acres in “God’s Country” (431 Cobb Street, Groton). I completed my Meridian Massage Certification, and became proficient in Abdominal Meridian Massage which has been a great blessing to many of you.

Due to an accident I was out of work for most of the summer, which gave me much time to reflect and connect to the natural world around me in a much deeper way. When I returned to work I participated in the Cortland Psychic Fair and Holistic Healing Expo which brought much exposure to FCHC and allowed many to experience the benefits of reflexology, Meridian Massage, and Intuition. With client feedback I began offering 2 hour sessions in October.

On the home front, my daughter graduated from SUNY Albany with a Bachelors in Mathematics and plans to gather her resources for 6 months and then head on to do her Masters work. I released a huge dream that was not serving my highest good, and began a new dream! I got to practice forgiveness, gratitude, healing, and became very comfortable with silence and my own company.

My hope for you is that 2011 has been magical and filled with miracles and good health and that the year to come will be even more abundant.