Saturday, March 10, 2012

thoughts create.

This weekend I am spending the weekend with my whole family for my fathers 80th birthday. This is giving me the opportunity to see patterns, connections, vibrations between loved ones that have been in place for a very long time. Its amazing to me that when we all come together we all of a sudden become who we were when we were all small. So i decided that today I will change that, for myself of course, since we really have no control over anyone else.

my first experiment was with my daughter this morning in the hotel. Generally she is not NOT a morning person so i have always dreaded waking her up in the morning. This morning i sat looking at her for a good half hour. Watching her sleep. Remembering her kindness, her sweetness, her laughter, and lots of fun times together. Then i took a deep breath and quietly said "time to get up". At first she was grumpy, complaining about the curtains not being open, but as i sat breathing, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She seemed calm and said "you look really Mom".

And so my day begins with my heart melting. Only goodness will fill this day! I will not be defined by the lessons from youth, rather I will consciously stand in my present beauty and open my heart to love my family from this energy. May I always remember this lesson!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Skunk. Just the name brings up so many feelings for me...
Last night my "baby" Brutus (Doberman) had a face to face chat with a very black (almost no stripe) skunk. To say the least, it was quite traumatic, for both of us...

After I was done lathering my baby with ketchup (I had no tomoto juice) I asked why did this happen??? Because when the natural world speaks I KNOW I need to pay attention!

I went right to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. He had many things to say about skunk but the sentence that jumped out at me was "when skunk shows up you can expect to experience stronger sexuual responses and a greater ability to attract people to you". After the feeling of truth filled me up I took some time and asked mySelf what was the truth Skunk was sharing with me...

Skunk is about scent. Scent is about phermones. To me it speaks of sensuality, memory; sending out my hopes, dreams and desires into the Universe and then Allowing that energy to meet like energy; trusting that my reputation will speak for itself, that living with honor and integrity (although sometimes not as easy as other times since I am human) will manifest my desires better than I could even imagine.

Timing for this message is perfect (of course!) because in April (Easter week) i will be changing the name of my business from Fall Creek Healing Center (indicating my previous location) to SACRED WATERS MASSAGE AND ENERGY MEDICINE! My fabulous graphic designer will have all changes to the website and marketing material updated and ready for unveiling. I chose Easter week because I feel in my heart that this new name is a reflection of new life; A time of great change for me and my business, and I believe skunk is validating this truth to me.

Soooo instead of getting upset with my dog and Mr. Skunk for the inconvenience of this odoriferous experience, I say THANK YOU; I'm listening; and BRING IT ON!!