Sunday, September 27, 2009

Death. dying consciously

Yesterday we had to put Sassy to sleep. She was 10 years old and had cancer throughout her body. She was ready... This was the first time that I experienced this with another person and a child. We spent the morning loving her up and saying thank you for her 10 years of service, I listened to stories of her life and then we said good bye. We took her to Groton Animal Hospital and they were fantastic. They allowed us to do ceremony, burning palasanto (sage), lighting candles, rattling and praying while she very quickly left her body. We all sat together, Jim, Sam, Sassy and I, on a blanket on the floor and began the greiving process...
All day long we cried everytime we saw something of hers. By the evening we started to feel less sadness and this morning we are feeling grateful that she didn't have to suffer any longer and that she was able to cross very peacefully... She will be missed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Love is in the air

Wow, since the equinox a few days ago, I have heard from at least three of my friends who have been sending out the rocket of desire to manifest love that they have received that gift back from the Universe!  
It is amazing and I am in awe at how many folks are now finding their perfect match, their soul mate if you will, and in very fast time.  Seems like the friends (and myself) that I have talked with knew instantly that their mate was long term-- lifers...  
Yeah, I am not the only one on the energetic plane of instant manifestation.  As our world begins to vibrate and spin faster time is doing the same.  And, of course, when its right and you are in the river, time speeds up to produce the exact desire that you send out.  Wow, are we lucky to be living in this space.  
I hope that all of your dreams come true and that love, whether you have it now or are looking, finds space in your heart today and always!  Muah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Psychic Predictions

Last night we had an open forum with psychic Cindy Newcomb. For me getting a reading is about validation. I have never considered myself "psychic" but I sure do get "hits" of information for myself, clients and sometimes strangers. One thing that stands out to me about this type of phenomenon is that the psychic gets the information but interpretation is totally up to the person receiving. That's why I don't usually interpret what I hear or see. That's not my job. It is just to report the information (if I hear that I am supposed to share) and allow the person receiving to hear what they hear. So, Cindy, who didn't know a lot about the changes in my life, was again right on. She told me that Jim (my partner) and I had been together for lifetimes and that we were working on creating ... (can't let that out of the bag yet) and that the construction of the new space would be complete within three weeks and oh yeah there will be a sauna /hot tub! All things that I have been consciously manifesting! Yeah for manifesting!

On another note, I just got the new Abraham DVD about being in the vortex. Watching tonight after work and will let you know how it is. If you are interested in borrowing, let me know that too!!

Enjoy your beautiful day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Life is Good ALWAYS!

sometimes ya' just gotta say YES!  Been going through some changes and had a pre-conceived notion that family would be freakin' out, but they have really surprised me!  They are all very supportive!  Sara has been coming to my new place of residence every day - having dinners together with the new ones in our life, and really enjoying the conversations.  

Speaking of conversations...  The most recent one I have been having with myself is this:  step-parenting...  what a new space for me to be in...  I am so seeing what my ex-husband went through with navigating the waters between being a surrogate parent and not over-stepping the boundaries already in place.  It is quite interesting and fun and trying sometimes.  We all have such differing views of child rearing and I am one to admit I was not perfect as a parent and when I was tired it was easy to just give in and not realize the consequences of the giving in.  
Parenting taught me alot about control...  Trying to control another person, whether they are your child, somebody elses child, friend or family member -- it just is a waste of energy.  The only one that you actually have control over (and sometimes you don't even have this since Universal law just happens to throw curve balls) is yourself.  So again I am reminded to drop the control - pay attention to my feelings as they are the navigational tool that has been given to us to keep us on the path of joy - and ride the waves!

This journey is a joy!  I am full of gratitude for the visions and experiences that I am taking part in at this point in my life, and I look forward to many many more!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

balance of energy

I have recently been "planted" right in the middle of LOTS of male energy.  It is quite impressive that I am able to hold my own feminine energy while still swimming in such testosterone...  I understand that women and men both have male and female energy and that within ourselves we balance that energy all the time, but to have so much surrounding me has been quite a test, and I am loving it!  Here is a photo of "the boys" taken this morning early before movement was really happening...  Quite a lovely feeling!  

Friday, September 18, 2009


Where does your true nourishment lie?

In the past four years I have been given the gift of intense change.  I have moved twice and am now moving once again.  In this transition I am offered the possibility of learning even more about what truly nourishes my soul.  I have trimmed the edges and left go of,  given away, many possessions; have re-”thought” many beliefs; have experienced loss of friendships; have worked on many creative ventures; have experienced “empty nest” as my youngest child left for college; and the list could go on...

Here is where my true nourishment lies:  love and joy.  Its that simple.  If you are FEELING (and notice that the word is capitalized...) good because you are experiencing love from self, a partner, children, friends, community, etc., then you are truly nourished.  Things don’t nourish.  They create diversions so that you don’t have to FEEL.  Where you live, what car you drive, what kinds of clothes you wear, what labels you have given yourself or been given - all of these things cannot and do not feel.  They are things - things that come and go and serve a purpose.  Yes, it is wonderful to live in a place that supports your life purpose, and it is wonderful to drive a car that you FEEL happy about being in on the road, and that you FEEL gratitude that you can be clean, fed, have water, etc...  But, when you are in the arms of your lover, or kissing your childs face, or hugging your aging parents, or praying for someone who is suffering then you are truly nourished.  And it is because you are connected!  

So, be grateful for the things in your life, but be nourished by the love you give and receive every moment!  Peace be with you!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Judgement.  This is the energy that I have been learning about lately and I am grateful.  To experience judgement feels to me like someone is looking through a lens of fear and old "stuff".  I know I have been guilty of sending out this energy in certain situations when I don't understand something or I have a preconceived notion of "right or wrong" and "if they would just do it my way it would be so much better for them" energy...
Here is the lesson I have been gifted with.  ITS ALL GOOD.  No matter what choices we make, if we look at them with love, they are all good.  Sometimes friends think that it is their "job" to point out your faults and maybe patterns of behavior that they judge to be bad.  I can't agree with this.  I believe that a friend is someone who maybe once says hummm what about this, or have you considered this... This language gives you the opportunity to look at something and decide for yourself if is truth.  But when someone comes from a place of judgement they say humm what about this and if you don't see it my way then I am out the door, gone, removed from the situation, no longer to be connected...  And that is hurtful to receive.  
So my hope for all of us is this:  when we judge others, look into our heart and ask the question, what about this situation do I fear.  Why do I feel that I have the power or "responsibility" to change someone elses view or behavior.  Is this behavior a trigger for old stuff maybe that was experienced in early times by my parents, siblings, society.  And does it work for me??  If it works for you and you find that you are supported in this belief than more power to you.  But, if after asking yourself if it works for you and you hear it doesn't, than have the courage to say "maybe I don't see the situation as you do, but I love you anyway".  I'm here for you in sadness, in joy and from a place of witness so that you can experience all that you came here to experience and be all that your journey brings to you...  With Love, Janet