Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Elizabeth Hartquest

Elizabeth now has a last name... Hartquest...

Tonight at dinner, Jim's parents were here to celebrate his mother's birthday. Her name just happens to be Janet too so sometimes things get a bit confusing when we are both in the same room having conversations... As we began to both answer a question that was being asked of "Janet" someone said, "you should just change your name"... And without hesitation Sam, Jim's 10 year old son said, her name should be Elizabeth ~ which of course struck a chord with my heart ~ and in the next breath he said Elizabeth Hartquest.

Where that came from I am not sure, but Jim and I both knew he was talking about "Elizabeth" who merged with my spirit when we got married in the woods. So, I am now researching this name to see if it feels like truth in my heart. Is this my Elizabeth? My connection to a past life that I get to learn about and discover again. I am excited and can't wait to start my search! Whoohoohoo! Another mystery solved ~ maybe...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Session at Fall Creek Healing Center

As the guys were doing the finishing up in the bathroom and trimming out the window and door, I was energetically preparing for my first session in this beautiful new space! As we (me and my client) were doing the intake I felt a cool breeze and out of the corner of my eye I "saw" one of my "ladies" walking up the stairs into the office area, door slightly closed and it was my cue that all was well! The session was amazing (per my clients feedback) and as she was leaving I turned off the CD player and began to leave the room and go into the office. As I went to shut the door to the healing room ~ vrooommmm... CD player turned on LOUDLY! As I walked over to it to turn it off, it shut off and I knew the healing room had been christened ~ FALL CREEK HEALING CENTER ~ Let the Healing Begin!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Many of my clients tell me they have trouble sleeping. I, on the other hand, have usually slept like a baby, but as life evolves sometimes things change. Since I have been with my partner Jim, my life has drastically changed. It is quite wonderful being in an adult relationship with someone who "gets me". In this wonderful relationship there are also wonderful children and new rules to play the game by. I am patiently learning, but this learning process has now afforded me the gift of many sleepless nights. I had forgotten how having young children in your life is joyful, amazing and really fun most of the time, and during those other times it makes you want to pull your hair out.

Now when the children are "yours" and you have had them since birth and you know the ground rules and everyone is on the same wavelength then those pull your hair out moments are manageable ~ breathing, breathing, breathing... When the child has not been yours since birth and you are blind sided by the rules or are unaware of what exactly the rules are then the hair pulling out times become "oh my gosh, will I be able to keep my cool and not react in a way that will leave this child in therapy for years to come"...

At some point in the new adult/child relationship the playing field needs to be explored. the child tests and pushes to see "who's in charge" and those times are usually pretty easy for me, then its about setting clear boundaries ~ that wont work for me ~ and allowing the natural consequences of the behavior to warrant the changing of that behavior (ie. comfortable for everyone or leave the room until it can be comfortable for everyone in the community space). But when you don't see "it" coming and you have no idea what set off the behavior then it gets to be the hairy times and then I tend to retreat so that I don't regret anything for the future.

Now comes the part about sleep... The days that I don't really understand what has happened in the child's mind to create the unkind responses are the nights that I lay awake pondering... What if (blah blah blah). So tonight I ramble but out of the ramblings I find that an answer has risen to the surface. It is not about this day. Its about seeing it differently, believing it can be different and trusting the Universe to bring to me that vibration of difference. There, it is done and now I can lovingly release this day, and drift into dreamfilled sleep knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

long distance healing

Yesterday I had a most wonderful adventure, didn't feel so good while it was happening, but as I stayed present with what was happening in my body, it did end up being a very cool adventure...
I have a dear friend who has been ill for a few months. She has been tested for A,B,C and D and nothing has been identified, and yet she still has tremendous pain. I knew she was admitted to the hospital, through information from another connection that we share. I energetically put her on my table a few times throughout the day. At one point I couldn't "feel" her presence any longer and, because I am human, had a touch of fear run through my heart...
Later in the evening I spoke with her on the phone. I relayed what had happened and told her that I was "holding her feet" ~ energetically of course... She thanked me and shared some updated information and some more testing that was going to be happening today. I wished her well, sent her love, and ended the phone call. Within about a half hour, I began to feel this very strange pain in my mid section, and my arms and legs felt like lead. I sat down and began breathing and checking in with my body. As the pain increased I began to feel like I was going to "lose my cookies" and sweat was pouring out of every pore... I asked "what is this" and a few other questions and I began to hear a leaking sound, like air from a balloon and I "heard the work" leaking... Then I asked again, what is this and I heard loud and clear APPENDIX. Then just as soon as I processed the information (a few moments) I was "released". The pain was gone immediately, the sweating stopped, and I was "back". I checked in with my friend who is an MD about appendix's and then called my friend in the hospital. She was having more testing today, and I am imagining that she had her appendix out... I'll keep ya'all informed!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Offering space for manifesting

This morning while skating on the pond with Jim and Sam I kept catching glimpses of movement down by the house - in particular by the new massage space. It was almost like quick flashes of light with different colors "attached". I brought myself "back" to playing and didn't think much more about it until I came in. As I was sitting on the couch in front of the fire (which was yummy!!) taking off my boots and snow pants the flashes returned. To the left of me peeking out from the massage space (the door was partly open) it looked like fireworks... Kind of startled me and Brutus began barking into the "empty" room. Then when I looked away the three ladies from the church were standing in front of me. They began "speaking" very quickly. Some things I didn't catch but one thing I did was this: For the new year they suggested that I create a place for others to learn about and experience manifesting of their dreams. There needs to be a bowl of some sort for full moon and new moon energy. In the full moon bowl will be placed clients wishes for release of things/relationships that no longer serve them. In the new moon bowl will be placed clients desires for what makes their heart sing. I am going to have a space dedicated to this offering. There will be slips of paper for recording these energy manifestations. They will be completely private ~ no one will read them and they will be burned on each of the moons ~ sent to the universe, so that universal law can "work its magic" ... That which is like, unto itself is drawn...

I invite you to come and play, create, and begin the manifestation process! We create the life we have, whether consciously or unconsciously... I choose conscious creation, how 'bout you??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Messages for the New Year

This past year has been filled with many experiences for me. I had my heart hurt and also found my true love. Inherited a child who spiritually told me he was mine from another time, increased the "ampage" of my energy work, learned much about judgement and perceptions and the difference between my own stuff and others'. Followed my heart and began to hear much more through my hands for clients and family...
So, here's one of the biggest things that I learned~I get very clear messages. I may not understand them, but they have very much come to fruition this past year. Just this Sunday is one of many examples... My partner Jim was leading a sweatlodge. I was supposed to be participating but knew a few days before that I would not be in there. I didn't know why, but I felt it. The day before Jim's son Sam asked me to stay at the house with him instead of doing the sweat. This was a big deal for him to ask to spend time with me, and I was told it was important for the dynamics of our family~so I said yes. Then that morning I shared with Jim that I didn't think that he would be "in the sweat" either. I "saw" two male energies dancing around for the day and ASSUMED that it meant Jim and Sam... He thanked me for the information but was planning on attending (which is one of the fabulous things about our relationship is that we can share without attachment). Once the sweat started and all participants were beginning their journey, Sam got a call from a friend whom he hadn't seen in awhile and this friend asked to come over and play. He came during the sweat and went home before the sweat ended. (Ahhh, the second male energy I was feeling).

Now for the messages I have received through dreams for the coming year:
Someone will approach me to make my blog a book ~ My hearts content.
Someone close to me (can't share the name~sorry) will begin the steps to open a crystal shop.
One of my dear friends will get married (yup~she knows spiritually who she is, it will surprise her family and some of her friends).
I will be teaching and speaking to large groups of people about love (and some other cool stuff).
One of my friends whom isn't expecting it, will find herself with child and will need to make a decision about it.
A woman that I used to be close with will choose her son over her husband because his behavior will overpower her and it will seem easier, she will have a stroke and her son will "take care of her".
A young woman who is close to me will reconnect with a past love ~ not so past ~ and rekindle the flame in a new way.
Fall Creek Healing Center will begin to offer much more than just massage ~ tumors, cancers and other life threatening "dis-ease" will be healed, harmonized and balanced and some will choose to leave, while others stay in a new way.
I will be more a bridge than anything else. Connecting energies of many.

Okay, that's it for now... Much more to follow...
Also, I will be playing with more psychic energy so if you are interested in being a playmate, let me know. Want to do more distance healing along with readings...

Yeehaw 2010!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kundalini Yoga and the lion king

Tonight's kundalini yoga class was focused on the heart~opening, clearing, projecting heart energy. So often during stressfilled times (like holidays) our hearts get "bogged down" with hurts, pains, misunderstands, anger, resentments, and anxiety. I remind myself that these are all choices, but sometimes if we use the tools that we have to pay attention to the way we are feeling in our bodies we can "tai chi" away those negative thoughts and feelings and open space for more heart vibrations.

The set tonight was just that, a tool to open space for more heart vibrations. And during the meditation we were asked to hold an intention of a miracle, something that we wished for and would allow the intention of our hearts to help us manifest. I, of course, asked for the sale of the church to be agreed to and final by January 1st. What a great miracle for me and my family and for the new stewards also. It will mark a beginning and an end and a beginning... Like the circle of life!

And with that said, the circle of life makes my mind go to the Lion King (this is just how my wonderful odd mind works...)... Soooo,
hakunaMatata, what a wonderful thing.
Hakuna Matata means no trouble for the rest of your days, its all problem free, philosophy, Hakuna Matata!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scents for the Season, Aromatherapy classes locally

A good friend asked me today how I get in the "holiday spirit" and the first thing that came to mind was pine essential oil and a mixture of clove and spikenard. Scents are a simple way to connect to thoughts and feelings, and those memories create physiological feel good responses in the body ~ for me those scents are holiday, family, connections, winter, sleds, ice skating, baking with Mom, making ornaments, stringing lights (and checking each strand to be sure that ALL of them are working~thanks Dad), food coloring the snow banks, and so so much more...

After our conversation about holiday spirit, another friend posted a question on facebook about how to get in the "holiday spirit" and I noted essential oils!

Because of the two "conversations" about holiday spirit and essential oils, I thought about how lots of folks are unfamiliar with essential oils. They don't know how to use them, have no idea that they are medicine (pharmacology is based on essential oils), or that they could learn more from an amazing teacher and essential oil therapist.

With that said, I would like to share a link to an amazing site AND let you know that there will be classes available all summer, locally, in Danby. Please check out the website and see if any of the offerings peek your curiosity.

Here is the website:

Have a happy scent filled holiday! xo Janet

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Many of the visions that come to me are bits and pieces and then they get put together later on down the road... This vision came all at once and it was so profound and deep (like part of my cells were speaking) that I wanted to share...
In my vision Jim, my new husband, and I are dancing in the forest. I am wearing a long flowing white dress with iridescent blue, purple and green hues like dragonfly wings and I am barefoot. Jim is wearing khaki shorts, no shirt and sandals. We twirl gracefully and turn with our backs facing each other and our arms interlocked. We merge and become a willow tree. Our "hair" becomes the branches of the willow and as the wind whispers our hair blows in the wind. As our roots go deeper into the earth in the adjacent field our children "appear" and run toward us (the willow tree). They begin their own dance, one that I don't recognize, but seems very familiar to them. They move around the willow tree and as they go three times around they turn and back into the trunk of the tree. With their backs against the tree they hold hands and begin to sing. It is a song that I hear often, but am unable to duplicate with human voice. It feels as if I am home.
I have recorded this vision in my journal so that when in the future a challenge appears, which since we are all human and don't think inside one another's mind, we know it will, I am able to connect to this vision and remember the gift of this union!
Thanks be to all!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fairies at the Met

Just got home from NYC, spent three days visiting friends and family and while I was there I spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. AND, what do ya' know the Fairies were speaking to me there too!! Got a fairie book from one of their cool exhibits and it is SO interesting! There are lots more people who have the "gift" (as it was referred to at the MET) and there are lots of books about these magical folks. Since we create our own reality based on what we think/believe, I am in heaven -- fairie heaven! Yeah!