Sunday, April 27, 2014


Today we celebrated my Mothers 80th birthday. Things that I learned today (or at least was reminded of today): *Aging well means eating well, loving well, moving as well as you can, having a positive attitude, believing in something bigger than yourself and asking for help when necessary. *Family hold patterns of behavior and response, no matter what age. *My Dad, although quite an amazing human being, has an interesting pattern of relationship with my Mother. *My siblings continue to "pick" on me, no matter what age I am, and I continue to want acceptance from them and my parents. *Even though they (my family) are all "proud" of me for my accomplishments, I (and that is a capital) am the one who sometimes see's the relationship from a past point of view. *High school friendships that were based on commonalities like music and drama and theatre, last a life time! With all the celebrating that was happening, I decided this weekend I was going to lovingly observe my own patterns. To witness the energy interactions between myself, my children, my parents, my siblings, and my/their friends; To listen to the stories we all tell and to weed out the personal perceptions from the "facts". Wow, was that fun. I learned so much about myself. I really got to witness my children interacting as adults with family and friends, to listen to them share their lives, to see them open their hearts and participate! AND my son said to me just a little while ago as we are ending this day... Mom, you did a great job. You really ARE the best Mom anyone could ever wish for. Now, I know that this truly stroked my ego, but ya know what... It felt good, and it felt like the perfect time for him to share, and it helped me as a Mother to let go of my OWN perceived perceptions of the job I did (or didn't do sometimes). Today, we celebrated my Mothers 80th birthday, and I am looking forward to celebrating many many MANY more!! Happy Sunday, xo Janet