Sunday, February 28, 2010

Empty Nest

Been thinking about my kids a lot lately! I always do, but it seems like lately there is a "tug" that is happening often. Yesterday I found an old photo of my kids when they were little and boy oh boy I was instantly right back there ~ taking the picture ~ thinking and feeling how lucky I am!

My children taught me (teach me) so much about life and love and forgiveness and patience and boundaries and acceptance and grace and ... So, as I sit here I know I don't have an "empty nest" but I am feeling the spaces where they are not. The breakfast chatter, the "Mom, can you ..." and "Mom, I gotta tell you something that happened..." and "What would you do Mom" and it is heavy on my heart... Its probably why I had a dream last night that I had a heart attach. It was fascinating~I witnessed it and didn't feel fear, just the thought that I wouldn't be here for my kids. And, when I awoke my ribs and chest hurt and I had that "tug" to hold my children and reassure them that I love them, am SO proud of them, and will always be connected to them!
So, before I close, I urge you to (if you have children) to love them, love yourself, and appreciate the time together!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Water, The Rune of Laguz

This morning I chose the Rune for "flow", which symbolizes water and all that is associated with the ebb and flow of water... emotions and unseen powers that nourish, shape and connect.

It seemed fitting to me that "flow" jumped into my hand since there is so much snow and it just keeps coming, and as I am outside in the snow, it lands on my nose and melts into water...

This Rune also speaks to the intuitive or lunar side of one's nature, which is also fitting since Sunday is a full moon and much energy is being kneaded, squished, fluffed, pounded, flattened and reshaped~all leading to the full moon and releasing that which no longer serves us. So many folks are sharing with me that they are traveling in dreams~"weird" dreams abound.
Mine have been all about relationships (water), past and present~some have ended and I am saying goodbye and thank you, and some are just beginning and I am learning many things about what I desire in any relationship.

The one theme that seems to be "flowing" through all of my dreams has to do with power~who has it, who wants it, what is it and what is the power of standing in your own authentic being and saying yes or no with passion for YOURSELF! I have graciously received many lessons having to do with power and the what I am reminded by the Rune of water is this... You can stand in your own "knowing" of yourself and your desires, and still be kind and gentle with others. Words and actions that hold the intention of Love, whether they are what someone wants to hear or not, always are received well. Words and actions that are said with the intention to hurt, even if you SAY you don't mean any harm can be felt also. I try to always do a self check before I have a "hard" conversation that has to do with power. If I am feeling "mean" or "ugly" about something (and you all know that feeling~that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach...) I don't share it. I breath and ask myself if I were to be receiving this information how would I be able to "hear it" without reacting to it. Then I wait until I feel peace and calm in my heart before I proceed. And sometimes it takes quite awhile, and sometimes I can do it instantly...

Here is a saying that has helped me many times to call that peaceful feeling into myself:

I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, praise and gratitude for my fellow beings; reminding myself to always look for self acceptance and enlightened understanding of my life experiences, and to share only that which is filled with light.

Now that I have rambled (what can I say, it is about water and flowing...) I end with sending light to you my blog followers! May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on! xo

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's that buzzing sound?

Good morning beautiful blog followers! And, what a glorious day it has been!
It all started this morning (after a very interesting evening of dreams and communication with other beings) when Jim shared with me some interesting information. Over the past six months on many occasions he has mentioned a "buzzing" that hears when we are sleeping ~ it wakes him up in the middle of the night... So, last night when it happened he focused and paid attention. What was happening was pretty cool! I was "moaning" and "mummbling" and the buzzing sound was surrounding me. So he listened closer and he said it was like lots of "conversations" (voices) that were creating a buzzing and it appeared to him that we were in conversation. I know that I travel when I sleep and usually I set an intention before I shut down ~ whether it be for me or for someone else ~ and I always "know" in the morning what the answer to my questions are.

After that information was shared I thought to myself... hummm its the syracuse psychic fair today and we should go! So we had breakfast at the Dryden Hotel where Sam met up with some of his friends and was invited to go bowling (boy is he lucky~he almost had to go to the psychic fair with us!). So off we went to syracuse for a few hours of fun! Jim had a reading by Rev. Corbie Mitleid which he said answered MANY of his questions and I had a spirit painting by Sandra Fioramonti and then my palm read by Georgia (Libraservices). Georgia, who generally does 15 - 20 minute readings was so excited by my palm that she ended up doing 45 minutes and didn't charge me extra. She said had lines that she rarely sees and one that she has never seen. All in all she confirmed what I have known for a very long time. I'm special! (hehehe). Really what the reading did for me was validate what I hear when I work and dream and love~that its all energy and that I am an open gateway and information comes and sometimes I share and sometimes I don't. She said my biggest challenge is that this: I practice unconditional love with others, I easily forgive others, I easily love others, and I am very hard on myself. I think this is a truth for many folks that I know, but I have been practicing otherwise. Been doing mantras for gentleness for myself, practicing kundalini yoga and giving myself lots of time to breath!

With all this high frequency energy "buzzing" around here it is sometimes hard to find quiet space inside my head. BUT, I am doing it, I am committed to being kind to myself and know (not believe because knowing and believing are two different things) yes KNOW that I am on the right path, I am always divinely guided and I am always learning ~ and as my friend Rhonda so eloquently stated I am a LERT (Alert!)!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

blogging comments

So, as you can see there are a few blogs that I follow (pretty regularly I might add) that I have tried to leave comments on and I type up my feelings and choose my identity and hit post comment and my comments disappear... If you, my faithful blog followers, are having these same difficulties~ of course that would mean that you can't post on my blog~ please send me an email so that I try to figure this whole thing out...

Love and kisses! Muah!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Avatar, incorporate and assimilate new energy

Sure has been a while since I last blogged... Its because I saw Avatar last week and have been working at letting the energy settle in my body... If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend that you do, it is the way of the new world...

So, here's the rest of the story: I wasn't going to see Avatar, had no interest, don't usually like "cartoony" type of movies, and it is a looooonnnngggg movie, but Jim and I had a kid free evening and he had been talking with lots of folks at school who were very moved by it so we decided to go. Five minutes into the movie I began to shake uncontrollably (almost like after my accident when I was in shock ~ that's the best way for me to articulate the feeling). I shook the entire movie and when we got home I felt like I couldn't move or speak. Something happened. I was seeing "trails" when I moved my hands ~ kind of like an acid trip for those folks from the 60's who can understand that experience. Jim and I went to sleep holding each other, both knowing that SOMETHING HAPPENED in that movie.

The next morning we both talked about our experience and it was amazing because we had similar experiences. We both knew that vibrationally we had shifted, and were incorporating new energy which would need some time to assimilate into the "old" energy. And this has been happening. Conversations with others about nature and how nature speaks to us and when we connect to nature we begin to have a different way of being in the world. Conversations about war, rightness or wrongness not withstanding, but feelings about it. There is one place in the movie where the main character (who is emotionally very young and inexperienced in the new world) has to kill another creature. His soon to be partner helps him get out of a dangerous situation and in the end of the skirmish he is "pumped up" and thanks her for being part of the killing... She on the other hand is crying and angry at him because the event was unnecessary. The killing was wasteful. He doesn't "get it". He sees the situation from a totally different paradigm.

As the movie progresses, and he becomes "awake" he understands... He sees that the Universe doesn't take sides, just keeps the balance. He begins to have a relationship with the other living beings in the new world (animals, plants, etc.) and death as he has known it is just another way of being and everyone is connected to the past and the future. WOW, what a concept. This has been my reality for quite a long time and I thought I was "weird, but in a good way" ~ like Sara says. Since experiencing Avatar my senses are keener, my heart is more open, the connection to other realms seems to be changing (not sure exactly how yet, but the knowing is there), and I so desire that everyone in this world sees it, and incorporates the new energy into their way of being in the world. Creating Pandora (thats the world or Avatar), one vibration at a time!