Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As the moving day approaches I am spending lots of time releasing stuff. I find things in closets, drawers, and especially the basement that I haven't used in 18 months and I am sitting with it and asking it where it needs to be. I have donated much, given gifts of love (with my stuff) to dear ones, sold a few things (which will help cover my childrens travel home this winter) and am not even close to being done. One of the best parts of this move is connecting to the memories that are attached to my stuff and enjoying the moments all over again. Its so fun! One of the hardest parts of this move is the knowing that my dear friends whom I have loved for years will be a little farther away. Thank goodness for technology so that I can remain "virtually" present with them and I can still be available when needed. One of the most exciting parts of this move is the fact that I will be able to kiss my love goodnight EVERY night, wake up and create our day together, and not have to worry about cell service and technology... May you, in your life, embrace the changes that are gifted to you! Embrace the good, the not so good, and the absolutely fantastic!! Namaste!