Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Becoming a passage way

In order to hear our guidance from that still small voice inside of ourselves we need to forget ourselves. We need to become a passage way; receptive, passive, connecting to the yin energy of femininity. We enter a womb of sorts. We cannot hear if we are aggressively saying “this way or no way”. That is the energy of control. Its the need to control and conqueror (our physical circumstances, our relationships, the spirit world) rather than listening and jumping into the river of all possibility.

When we live in unboundedness and gratitude for whatever life brings, without any expectations or demands, without thought of merit or reward, then we are truly listening. When we are truly listening we dissolve all obstacles that keep us separate from each other and from the whole of creation. When we listen we put out our question or desire and ask for that which is our highest good, without limiting our possibilities.

If we choose to believe that the only way we can be joyful or successful is “a”, “b” or “c” we in essence are not aware of the signs that the universe plops in front of us. We miss the opportunities because we don’t trust. We want “proof” that we will be successful so we ask everyone and their mother what they think about our choices, we spend hours mulling it over in our minds and we wait for the “logical” “expected” “way its always been done” opportunities to appear. For me, that makes me “crazy”. I don’t like how it feels in my body. It has taken me years of trying to paddle up stream to finally understand that down stream is easy. And it always gets me where I need to and want to be.

If I find myself struggling, if I don’t feel joyful and excited for my day, I spend time in the womb. I drop all thoughts of how can I achieve what I desire and just ask for what I desire. I pay attention to my words. I know that I am only limited by my own thoughts and words and I totally trust that my life is divinely guided (as is yours!) and that I am always going in the best direction. I remind myself that harmony is within me, that there are so many ways to see things and do things and that no one way is the only way. I even go as far as to imagine myself putting my feet into a river and getting out of my own way. Allowing my feet to come out from under me and allow the water to bring me along, rapidly when I am really in the river, and a bit more slowly when I am tentative or doubting the flow.

You can be in the river too. It is available to all. If is energy, creation, divinity. It has no expectation of right or wrong. It responds “in kind” to the energy it receives. It can be felt!

We all have a memory or two (or hopefully more!) of a moment that all was right with our world. When we felt “lucky” and exuberant, and limitless. Thats the energy of the river! Thats the energy of oneness. That's the energy I love to live in. May we all be aware of them moments of “divine perfection” in our lives and celebrate when others are in that energy too and remember that All is ALWAYS well!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in a name?

I have been recently toying with the idea of changing the name of my business. I have received signs, had some very vivid dreams, and conversations (that I did not initiate) with "business gurus" about this thought.

So I asked myself... What's in a business name?
And my answer was this: A business name should describe what the business offers, should "feel" like the service provided, and should be easy to remember.

After asking and pondering my business name I really felt that my current name, which was based upon the previous location of my business, doesn't really fit anymore. So the decision felt right to change it.

I went through a number of processes to receive the name that would fit and feel better to me... I sat in meditation, I played with words, I wrote from stream of consciousness, I chatted with my poetry group, I walked the land and spent time on my massage table in prayer, I participated in a shamanic journey, and I checked in with the ancestors and gatekeepers of the four directions.

After much contemplation the perfect name came to me. Soooo, once the Universe provides the funding to change it, I will be using the new name and will make sure that you, my clients, are fully aware and on-board! The new name (soon to be revealed to you) feels like me, feels like what I offer, and makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too, and look forward to the unveiling of the current business with its new name!!