Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Circle in the woods!

Getting aquainted with my new surroundings I have come across a place in the woods that looks like it is perfect for ceremony and ritual! It is a perfect circle where no trees have grown, surrounded by old pines and deep enough in the woods that anything other than "woods noises" can be heard. This past weekend My husband and sons cut me a path to the circle. This didn't mean cutting live trees, it was cutting up the trees that had fallen, it was as if the path was already there just waiting for me! So today I am gonna pay a visit to the circle and sit and ask what exactly she wants of me. What the woods would like to have as part of THEIR home! I can't wait to see hear what they ask of me. And then I am excited to put into action the information that is entrusted to me!! Namaste y'all!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Good Red Road and my message from Aniiyah

Today I met with a dear friend who I have known for a number of years, and with whom I worked closely with in 2007 and 2008 to bring the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Groton, NY. After The Grandmothers came and went my friend and I drifted apart due to miles and work responsibilities and life in general. Over the past year she has been working in her area with a number of other folks learning from a Lakota Grandmother Sweatlodge ceremony and other Red Road (native american) traditions and ceremony. My friend had invited me last year to be part of the group in training, but it didn't fit into my schedule. I was disappointed but as always, I trust the Universe, and I know that what ever is for my highest good flows easily and effortlessly into my life and time opens up to allow for it. Today as we were talking and she was so exuberantly sharing the new information and talking about the good red road, I remembered a vision I had had a while back (which was another reason why I knew the Universe had not opened for me to participate in the training a year ago). This vision I share came to me, where else, but in the shower... (water seems to open that channel up for me). As I was showering I kept seeing my Great Grandmother, Marey (Indian name Aniiyah) who was Blackfoot Indian. She was talking to me, but I couldn't make out her words clearly... Maybe I had water in my ears, who knows, but all I could hear was the cadence to her words. The rhythm felt very familiar. Once I stepped out of the tub, I bent over to dry my hair with the towel and it suddenly was long (my hair in this world was short). I was drying LONG HAIR. What the... I dropped my towel and stood up quickly and it felt like long wet hair had slapped my back and was dripping down to the floor. (This all was happening in slow motion) I went over to the the mirror and when I looked into the mirror my eyes were looking back at me, but my face was wrinkled and very tan, and my hair was long and salt and pepper colored. I blinked a few times, and then heard myself saying (but it didn't sound exactly like me, my words were coming out like cadence... da daa daa da daa daa da da). What I heard was "The Red Road is a good road, and although you have my blood, red blood, it is not your road this time. You walk many roads, you know many ways and you are a connector. Learn about ALL roads, that is why you are here". Even now as I share this with you I am brought back to how it felt to be looking at myself, but seeing my Great Grandmother. Visions, which in the logical society, are poo poohed, are very real! The ancestors speak to us all the time. That world, the unseen world, is very much active and alive and available to help us if we quiet down and listen. That, my friends is the real challenge. Quieting down. We are bombarded with so much stimuli that we forget who we really are. Why we are really here. And what we can do while we are here!! So, as I give thanks to my friend and her whole group for learning and bringing information to us, I also give thanks to all the Ancestors. Especially To Aniiyah who is always with me, who's voice is clear and who's blood runs through my veins, and reminds me of what is REAL, whether seen or unseen with the human eyes!