Monday, July 30, 2012

Lessons from a Doberman

This morning as I sat under Grandmother Willow sharing coffee with my dear friend Athena, we began a conversation about Brutus and his amazingness... We were watching Brutus jump at frogs and butterflies and talking about the many life lessons I learned from him (as did others). For anyone who has never met Brutus, he is a Doberman. He is stubborn, hard headed, assertive, pushy sometimes, protective, loyal, thoughtful, and very very connected! He came into my life when I was struggling with the complexities of being "nice" and getting confused with niceness and allowing others to push past my boundaries. I was wishy washy because I was afraid of being seen as "not nice". Brutus taught me that when I am clear in what is expected and what is okay with me, there are less opportunities for misunderstandings and hurt feelings. This I realized is NICE!. He also taught me the meaning of saying NO firmly without being nasty. He taught me that its NICE to say NO if your heart is not in something, and that allowing what doesn't make me happy is not nice to me or the other person who was unaware of my feelings and who thought all was well because I didn't say NO. Brutus also taught me about consistency, about being clear in my own mind before speaking something outloud. For him it was "this word means A, B, C" and this word means something else. Being clear and consistent in training him, helped me become more clear and consistent in my relationships with others. Patience is the most recent lesson from Bru... Introducing a hunting dog to a little kitten in a way that is safe and easy on all, dog cat and human, is very much about patience. We began the introduction into Sacred Waters with putting Zeva (kitty) in her own room so that Bru gets used to her scent. Then we had Bru in his own room and brought Zeva down into the rest of the house so he gets used to the scent of her in the house and also used to the idea of her being part of the "pack". Last night was the first face to face introduction, and there was no barking or growling. Bru was a bit excited, but no aggression and I believe that is because I was patient. Taking the steps A B C instead of going from A to Z in one day. I continue to learn everyday from this wonderful creature. And now I imagine I will learn from Zeva too. Gifts and surprises daily!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Flicker, one small bird with one LARGE message

As you may know, I believe that the natural world guides me (and you) and validates often what I have been hearing inside my own heart and head. This truth has been shown to me many many times over the last 10 years, so it is the information that I trust completely even if it is not logical or makes sense to anyone else. The Flicker has been making itself known for the past week, even almost flying into my windshield while I was on my way to grassroots and to the SPCA to pick up Zeva, my new kitty. Even my children don't understand that choice (zeva) since I have a very large doberman who is a hunter in the wild. I saw Zeva in a dream 2 nights in a row and then had a reading by an amazing animal communicator, Coryelle Kramer, who said yes indeed she was coming and Brutus had requested her. This is what Flicker represents energetically (Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews): The same energy that can be used for war can also be used for healing and if Flicker has shown up it indicates a time of RAPID GROWTH and TRUST. Flicker will awaken a new rhythm and the ability and opportunity to manifest all-healing love. Now if that doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does... So to all those who don't understand my life choices, or how feel it is their "right" to criticize, condemn or condone my actions or non-actions, I say: Flicker... Much love! Janet

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expand Time! Ask and it is so!

Gosh, its been over a month since I last blogged... Where does the time go? Is this what you ask yourself too? I could spend lots of energy wondering about time, the lack of, or too much time on my hands, etc. Instead I will be linear and list all the things that have happened since last I posted: 1) Completed an advanced anatomy of the neck certification 2) Getting more indepth with my knowledge of the meridians 3) Getting ready to bring a new family member home (Zeva kitty)and educating myself on how to integrate her into my dog household. 4) Planning family get together in August 5) started a new tattoo on my forearm (fairies YEAH!!) 6) Rearranged my office AGAIN... 7) Preparing for an advanced sports massage certification program that begins in August and ends in October, which will mean volunteering at a sporting event and working directly with athletes as case studies... 8) of course breathing, breathing, breathing and spending lots of time with my partner and family. Gosh, how do I find time to work?? Here's how I do it... I take time each morning to connect to myself through breath and QiGong practices, or taking a walk for grounding too. Then I ask the Universe to "expand time". I actually say it outloud as I sing to my garden and take time to walk the land and appreciate the local beauty. Taking the hour each morning before hitting the road running keeps me slow on the inside so that when the outside is chaotic and fast paced I can move slowly and remain peaceful in my heart and mind. Hope that you all have techniques to slow yourself down too. IT really does make a difference in the way you experience the life you have created! Enjoy!!