Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's just what I do.

My friend Corbie (a great psychic and all around super person) asked if I would write an article for her newsletter explaining what I do. I didn't know if I could do that because as most of us are aware, sometimes what we do is just what we do... Its in our blood, and articulating it so that it can be understood by another can sometimes not be so easy (at least for me). So, below is the article - hope you enjoy it!

September 24, 2001 was a day that changed my world. I was in a serious automobile accident that smashed my left side and made it impossible for me to “do for myself”. I spent three months in a hospital bed healing and was unable to “busy” myself with responsibilities (should’s, need to do, expected from me’s). I had to be quiet and LISTEN to my internal voice and the voices of those that may not be seen by the physical eye. That eventful day was my first introduction as an adult to my blue angel, Mary. She “appeared” in my front seat and I heard very clearly... “you’re gonna be hurt, but your gonna be fine”. I was not afraid. I did not see the other car smash into me. I let go. I said to Creator... “take me fast, or let me know why I’m still here” and again Mary said to me... “In time”. Short and sweet. Simple.

During my time of quiet I had a number of “other worldly” experiences. The one that remains with me even today is this: As I was just starting to wake up one morning and I was still in that place between the worlds, I saw what I think of as fairies, like tinkerbell in PeterPan. They were sparkling light that was above hovering above the crown of my head and they looked the same as the sparkles that you see when the sun shines over a new fallen snow. As I was witnessing this energy, it moved inside. To me it was as if I was inside my body traveling through my blood stream to the broken parts, actually being part of the sparkling energy. As that energy filled the injured parts they were suddenly appearing to me to be “fixed” and “whole”. The entire experience gave to me a deep sense of trust. Trust in myself, trust in the Universe, trust in humanities amazing

ability to heal, trust in what I have been shown and the “knowing” that I have, simply put it is really just trust in the process.

I have stood in this energy and lived by it ever since. It has guided me to know what is best for me, and it has been present during good times and challenges, and it has never left me doubting. It is the energy that I connect with when I do my work... It's the energy that I humbly offer to those who wish to heal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My sound

Forgive and forget? Sometimes not so easy

Today my thoughts are about forgiveness. People say "forgive, just get over it" and it sounds so easy... But when you have received the poison energy sent out by others with words and behaviors that are unkind, and sometimes very ugly it is not so easy to just get over it.

I find that many of my friends and clients have suffered deep hurts, deep enough that it tears at the fabric of their being. It overwhelms them and "pops up" at the oddest times. They find that they want to let it go, forgive, but it seems to live in their cells.

How do we as a society move forward in love when we hold such hurt inside? My thoughts are this: Find a way to safely release the energy. Find a place (it may be the woods, or someone's massage table, or the attic of your home) where you can surround yourself with a pure light bubble that allows you to fill it up with the "stuff"... The memories and feelings that have been compressed because it was not acceptable to express them... and then express. When you're done for that moment see the bubble floating out into the universe and the energy being transformed into light. Our Universe has the ability to transform any energy. And with our loving thoughts and prayers we add to that ability through the collective consciousness.

In my life I know I have made mistakes regarding parents, siblings, friends and with my children and my hope is that I will be forgiven. So to expect forgiveness I need to forgive the shortcomings, the clumsiness, the faults of others and myself. This is a practice, it is a prayer, a prayer that is performed through my actions and with the way I live. I hope that I share that with all those who know me. I hope that I am always able to forgive and release the past so that I don't get stuck in the pattern of thinking that is blaming, judging or negative. I am committed to life and love and adding to positive vibrations of the collective consciousness so that others can plug in and benefit too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Ladies Welcome the new tenants

This weekend is the Cortland Psychic Fair at the Ramada Inn in Cortland. Since psychic energy is "on my mind" today I thought I would share that the new "stewards" (tenants, but I like to think of them as stewards of the energy and the vision of love, community, healing, and sharing) have been in communication with at least one of the ladies of the church. Damaris and Eric has been living at the church since October 2nd and have been doing ceremony in the sanctuary to bring their energy there. Yesterday Damaris shared that she (in her consciousness) "saw" a woman in the sanctuary dressed in blue and white. I am SO excited about this. For me it is an affirmation that I listened, asked the "right" folks to come, and now can rest easy that the vision continues! I am so grateful to them for #1 being who they are, #2 taking the chance to move to a new community where they really don't know anyone to also listen to spirit, and #3 that they connect to the earth, the stones (oh boy does Eric have stones!!), and to my heart! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been paying particular attention to moments lately... The ladies and I have been having "conversations" about life and death and living well and dying well and one of the things that has stayed in my cells is a "conversation" that I had with Lillian... She is the strongest energy that I connect with at the church and she was the first one who contacted me...

Here is what I remember: Lillian "was talking" about her life, like it was happening right then and she said (or I heard?!) "We all have those moments that define and shape who we are and how we are in the world and how we are perceived by others. If we pay attention to ALL moments then we are always alive, and if we pay attention to some moments than we are sometimes alive, and if we don't pay attention to any moments then we are surely dead".

Because of this conversation, I have been (and this is really nothing new for me, but it is just stronger now) paying attention to the moments ... the moments of goodness, the moments of unrest, the moments of joy with my children, the moments of words and sentences spoken just before closing my eyes to journey to the land of dreams, moments of smells and sounds and feelings toward myself and others...

The other thing I have done (and again this is not new) is create an I love _____ box. In this box (and I actually have an I Love box for all of the relationships in my life) I place things that remind me of special moments so that when I am having a difficult moment I can go to the I Love so and so box and see, touch, feel and remember the reasons why they are so wonderful and the moments that we have shared, and immediately - like magic - the difficult moment is gone and it is replaced with an amazing warm fuzzy feeling of love and appreciation!

So, hope today you pay attention to all the moments in your life and take time to be alive rather than just existing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ace of Wands

So as you know if you read my blog or know me personally, I pull cards every morning. Not to tell me what to do, but to ask my Self (not self with a small s) what energy I need to create for me a most wonderful lovely day and how to work with the energy that surrounds me at this moment in time. Today I pulled the Ace of Wands and then the Death card.

The Ace of wands reminds me to create a space just for me. A space to manifest my dreams and to allow the energy of desire to be cultivated and to bubble with energy. This to me was very interesting because yesterday, my friend Eric 12th Moon (a wonderful astrologer if anyone ever needs a reading from a soul that is quite beautiful) reminded me that since I have physically moved into my partners home I need to create space that is just mine... "Change the space" he said -- "paint, move furniture and incorporate things that are yours". This will set the space for you to "be". Then the card comes this morning reminding me of the same thing. Hummm, maybe its time to paint and finish bringing the rest of my "things" from the church to the new residence (and don't worry, I'm still practicing in the church).

After the Ace of Wands I picked the death card. I asked my Self (big S) what energy I would need to be aware of in order to support the Ace of Wands and it was the Death card. Death of the physical body is not a problem for me to grasp and feel comfortable with, although I know many folks who see it differently. We all die a little every moment... with regret, not telling our truth, not loving others when they need it the most, forgetting the true meaning of our existence, not searching for passion, just accepting that this is all there is and maybe there is just no more...

The death of a "goal" is sometimes just as difficult as a physical reality death, because our non-physical reality is just as powerful and we feel it just as much, even if we can't articulate what we are feeling... We just know. My goal of the church is changing. I know that the next stewards are ready to take their place and will create a beautiful amazing community space for healing AND it will not be "mine" perse, even though nothing ever really is "ours" except our thoughts and feelings. My new goal (and I am open to change and to seeing ALL the possibilities along the way) is this: Fall Creek Healing Center. The land here is ready. The energy is being prepared, the work has begun. I'll keep you posted and look forward to seeing you all here in the future! Love Love Love to you!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Abraham, power of our thoughts and FEELINGS

As you may know, my life has been going through a huge metamorphis... I now have a life partner, and new children (two grown, but still in my heart; one living at home and at a very impressionable age). With all of these changes, which I must say fill me with amazing joy, I am finding that I need to consciously create time for me. This is very different for me... Went from having LOTS of time and space to "do nothing and dream" to having school schedules, bedtimes, and dinner time... And, I must say it feels so right...

Anyway, one of the ways I am supporting myself in this new life is to watch uplifting videos and the most current one is from the Abraham series. If you have never seen any of their stuff check them out on the web. Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther channels energy which has been "labeled" Abraham. Labeled because as human beings we seem to need to define things, rather than just accepting, honoring and allowing... That is their big message - allowing. Allowing abundance, joy, goodness. And with our thoughts, words and feelings we do that, some of us consciously and some of us unconsciously. I have, for the most part, been a conscious "allower". It has always worked for me.

One of the "techniques" that they share is to pay attention to what you talk about. If you desire love, but continually talk about not having love, then your vibrational match is to not have love. If you desire money, but you constantly talk about what you are lacking, then guess what, your vibrational match is - yup, you guessed it - lack. So if you desire things to change in your life you need to pay attention to what you are talking about. What are the conversations that surround you? What do you and your friends discuss when you are together. Your problems and others problems, or dreams and intentions and visions of how you truly want life to be. Do you buy into the reality that is given to you on TV and through society, or do you listen to your heart and follow that still small voice that says "Live, Love, Laugh, Enjoy, Feel, Share, Give, Gracefully receive" and the list could go on and on...

My dream is this... We all choose to LIVE! We all choose to LOVE! We all choose to be AWAKE and AWARE! We all choose to pay attention to HOW WE FEEL WHEN WE CHOOSE... Like the Nike ad says, Just Do It!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zen Tatot, The Master

Good morning to all you early risers! Each day I pick three zen tarot cards to prepare me for the energy of the day. Today I chose the Master first - this card is the main energy and the next two are the energies that will support this one. The two supporting cards were playfulness and creativity.
The Master reminds me to just be. Not to be higher or lower than anyone else, just to be, to know and to hold space for those who wish to participate. This is a great card today because it is the Paint the Town Pink event in our little village. This is a Breast Cancer Awareness event and I will be at Bun Apetite bakery on the deck talking about ways to support those challenged with cancer and those who are holding the space for them.
Lots of times we pray (in whatever way that is for each one of us personally) for the person who actually has the cancer, but we forget the family and friends of that person. This job, the job of supporter, is also very challenging. The supporters present as "strong" and they (many times) are not given the space to just fall apart and express their fear, sadness, and also joy at being able to be the supporter.
Cancer can be an opportunity for families to heal, for individuals to become whole, and for communities to come together without "stuff"... They get to SEE the person, and cancer is the great equalizer - it doesn't choose someone with no money, or someone who has struggled in their life, or someone who has the picture perfect life. It affects everyone.
So, back to the Master... I beleive I chose this card today because I am being reminded that just because I am the "Therapist" it does not make me any more or less than the person challenged with the "dis-ease". We share space, we share love, we hope for the highest good for all involved and sometimes we let go.
My hope for those I meet today is that they follow the path that is right for them to find and become whole!