Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We always know, even when we say we don't.

Since I was a little girl I could always tell when something in my life was about to change. I would get a "feeling", a way of breathing that would seem deeper and more spread out inside my body. This spread out air feeling, along with a sensation of being wrapped in a "fizzy blanket" used to scare me. I was so afraid of change. I would imagine all good things being taken away, or my way of life changing so drastically that I would lose my footing in life. This knowing of change always ended up being correct... moving to another state (a few times), boys who claimed to be in love drift away, broken bones and accidents, death of friends, all were preceeded by this "feeling". Now that I am older and wiser (sometimes...) I have become more aware that this fizzy feeling does not have to be "bad"... Now I believe the knowing inside my body that thoughts create things; how I look at something changes how it is; the Universe always provides; Life IS always good; and that I may not understand but I always trust that there is a purpose, a plan, and it is for my highest good has made life so much easier, and way more fun! Now when I know a change is about to happen I get excited! I wonder what wonderful surprise the Universe has in store for me, and I always know that if I just allow the "fizzy" feeling to bubble inside my body and if I can giggle as my cells expand and fill up with new air rather than panic that my safe secure way of being may be challenged, than the change will be easy and effortless, and generally fast and painless! So as I sit here sharing about how my body speaks to me, I am getting that feeling again. Its subtle, but its there, and so for now I tell myself to breathe, feel, laugh, expect magic, and pay attention! And to you folks reading this, I say, hold onto your hats cause change is in the air!!