Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fairie Homestead has begun

We collected some cool rocks, gems, and crystals and started our fairie homestead in the woods ~ started with the coolest log that Jim's sister Betsy found while meditating! The tree that came down (which we cut up into logs and shared) was braided with other trees and reminded me of how all things are intertwined. Inside the fairie homestead, which will be located in the hawthorne trees, will be a path and a circle that is created with rocks that we collect from the woods (attuned with Reiki) that will hold the space for healing ceremonies and rituals. Inside the circle we will invite others to sit and participate if they so choose, in ceremonies that the fairies will be our guides. The fairies are so excited (at least that what I heard while meditating and pulling fairie tarot cards). They told me that they will hold and protect all the prayers we leave with them (they are oh so generous)! So I am working on a canister that will sit in their circle, that is filled with sacred tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and ashes from the grandmothers fires. The canister will be adorned with gemstones and other sparklings because they love sparkly beautiful things. I am so excited for this project to get underway and can't wait to invite folks to the first ceremony in the finished homestead! I'll keep you posted!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Angel Wings and words

I heard the most profound saying yesterday from a very wise woman... We were discussing some behaviors that we were not comfortable with, totally forgetting the teachings of Abraham which we are both very well versed in, and we both stopped at the same time... It was like a light bulb went on and both recognized that it was not a positive vibration that we were creating... Then she shared a saying that another wise woman had passed on to her...

It was this:

When you talk about someone in a negative way, or say mean negative things to someone, you are taking the wind out of the sails of the Angels who are trying to help them.

This was powerful to me. I know and see and hear Angels all the time. I also know that everyone has guidance and divine energy surrounding and interpenetrating their energetic body. So, this statement reminded me that everyone has a right to be who ever they want to be. Everyone has a right to live how they want to live. And everyone has a right to the consequences of their actions because they are a tool that the Angels use to help us along our path to enlightenment.

Today, if you find yourself engaging in negative conversations about someone else (and because families are together for the holidays it is quite easy to get sucked into old patterns and there is usually one or two members of the family / tribe who don't follow the path that the group feels is right who have the poison directed at them) take a breath, look at them and imagine their Angels standing beside or behind them and say something or think something positive in place of the negative.

May you always add to the hope, joy, and enlightenment of yourself and others, and may your Angels wings always be filled with air!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall Creek Healing Center, logo agreed upon

I am SOOOOO thrilled. I have the best web/graphic designer in this universe! I just know it!
I spent an hour or so today going over how I see things, and sharing my heart, and she captured it and got it to fit into one little logo... Can you just imagine - one image, that when you see it you know it is like when you can't really articulate a feeling, and voila, its right in front of you... I am sooo excited! Thank you Angels for the love of art that was inside my amazing daughter which brought me to Jackie which started our connection which has continued to grow into such respect for each other, both personally and professionally, and we both get to experience the other's craft! What a joy! What a complete vibrational match! Dancing on sunshine right now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Angels of Abundance

Went to a fabulous art show last night at Thou Art Gallarage in downtown Groton. It was so nice to see Dee (the artisit extroidinare) and Nance (gallery owner). BEAUTIFUL angels with different messages and all with their own personalities! I was fortunate to acquire the angels of abundance painting. She (they) will hang in my new office space reminding me always of the abundance of the Universe and the power we all have, just by our sheer desire, to create even more! What a great reminder she will be! Thanks Dee!

Friday, November 20, 2009

helping or hindering

Today is my day to just be. I blocked off the day so that I didn't take any appointments and just allow the Universe to direct my way... It is amazing how my mind works as I putter around the house, doing the chores that always need to be done, and remembering to breathe and pay close attention. Since I am paying close attention (to my thoughts and feelings) I thought I would share some pearls of personal knowledge/experience about kids and our relationship to them (this may also be for some folks information they can use in their love relationships or their relationships with their siblings and parents, and even in a work environment).

So here comes the rambling: My experience about the fine line between helping or hindering another's life (for me this refers to my / Jim's children) has been a re-assessment process for me since I was 20 and had my first beautiful child. As parents we often have an internal struggle with if I don't do (fill in the blank here) __________, then my child will be really be messed up, will hate me forever and everyone around me (my parents, siblings, and friends) will see me as a failure / bad parent. This was (notice I say WAS) one of my tapes that ran continually in my lovely creative imagination. This tape I found made me very controlling of my children's actions and behaviors for quite a long time. It wasn't until my second child was almost 13 and was beginning the age of experimentation, trying on lots of different faces, that I had the epiphany about control... A friend (who just happens to be a counselor) said to me (after a little altercation with Sara and a bad choice she made) "try to remember to use natural consequences, rather than imposing stringent "punishments" that you can't abide by". This was a huge light bulb that went on. I realized that reacting before thinking because of fear of the whatifs really did neither of us any good. I changed the way I thought. Instead of imposing my own consequences, I began looking for the natural consequences like -- because you did not tell the truth I am finding it hard to trust you when you say you are doing (a,b,c,), therefore until I begin to experience more truth from you, you will need to be chaperoned for all outside the home events (ie. football games, movies, getting together with friends, etc.). It took a few times of me retraining myself to think before I responded, but it began to get easier very quickly. My child was no longer confused about why she was being treated in a certain way and I was no longer punishing myself with long consequences that I couldn't stick by.

So, this leads me to my most recent re-assessment because of some trouble my step-son has gotten himself into. He is struggling because there are natural consequences for his actions. He is trying very hard to blame his parents, his x-girlfriend and he is not looking at his own behavior. At first, because he was really struggling his parents didn't know how to respond. Neither one of them wanted to be thought of as a bad parent so they went above and beyond... They allowed their child to speak to them with poison. They took it because they had the tape going round and round (just like I used to). After a few weeks of practicing natural consequences and reminding their child that this was his choice and that he needs to now figure out a way of behaving differently, he began behaving differently (go figure??!).
This has been an interesting process for me because I so remember a time with my eldest which was very similar. And I remember thinking if I don't help him fix this he may not make it... But, what I realized is this: When we think (send out that vibration) that someone is not capable of taking care of themselves we are telling them we don't think they are smart enough, creative enough, resourceful enough, grown up enough (etc) to live their life. We take away the joy (and sometimes suffering) that they need to reach their highest potential. We do them an unjustice, we hinder them because of our own fears.

My suggestion for you (and always for me too) is to ask yourself how you feel. How do I feel about __________ (again you fill in the blank), why do I feel this way, How can I feel differently if the feeling is not pleasant, and what is in the best interest of myself and those involved. Paying attention, although sometimes not the easiest, has always been for me the only way to grow, shift, change, -- easily and effortlessly -- with as little discomfort to myself as possible. This statement may sound "selfish" so some, but to me it is imperative. If I am uncomfortable in my life, then how can I support others to be the most comfortable authentic person that they can be? I choose to help, rather than hinder. How 'bout you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Creek Healing Center, coming soon

So, if you have been following my blog, you are aware that my life has once again morphed into more! I am in the process of selling my church and have moved my residence to 525 Lafayette Road. Still in Groton...
Anyway, we are adding an addition onto the house so that I can have my office here. Then in January, My Love will be attending Massage School and then next year we will build a new home out by the pond and use this house as a healing center.
In preparation for the healing center, when I move my office, I will be changing my marketing materials to reflect Fall Creek Healing Center... Janet @ Fall Creek Healing Center.

This is just a "head's up" so that when my business cards and website shift no one panics. Its just a shift, and the space, although different than the church (nothing could compare to that space) will be just as amazing energetically. The window looks out into the most beautiful field and woods and if clients so desire they can take a walk in the woods on the walking paths that lead around the property. The paths are beautifully maintained and there are benches along the way for you to use for meditation or quiet reflection, or just to absorb the information received during a session...

Soooo dear friends. Don't fret, its all good. Service will not be interrupted!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th, my new favorite day

Friday the 13th! My new favorite day! It is the day that my Love and I joined together ready to move forward in this space and time continuum, committed to one another for eternity!
The day was beautiful! We went into the woods with the dogs, my Love and I. Set the space so we could share our vows and journey together...

What I promised to My Love was this:

" I promise to always take good care of myself and be the best me I can be and to always encourage you to do the same I promise to take time every day, no matter what else is happening in our lives, to connect energetically. To fill "the box" with such joyful, blissful memories that even if we are not seeing eye to eye on something I will remember why I love, honor and respect you, (this beautiful light being that you are); and I promise to honor your choices, remembering that you will always honor mine."

(photo by Carol Hill,

After exchanging rings, and sharing our vows, Jim led us in a shamanic journey. Didn't take me long to go through the "portal" and begin dancing in the other world energy. As I was dancing with Jim, Elizabeth joined us. The three of us were holding hands and it felt like a game of Maypole. There were beautiful ribbons and I was still in some way connected to the physical world because I could hear the drum and we were dancing to that beat. Then, a huge gust of wind brushed my physical body and Jim left the circle and came back to his physical body and Elizabeth took my hand and the earth seemed to open up to share a stairway into the earth. As Elizabeth and I descended into the cool earth the "ceiling" above us were the roots of the trees and they seemed to "tickle" my head and remind me of what was above. We danced in the underworld for quite sometime, until I was distracted (in the physical world) by the sound of a hawk. I immediately came back to my body. I stood beside myself and gently lay down to connect with the physical world again, and then Elizabeth came and stood beside me and looked at me so lovingly and with such gratitude and she lay down into my body and I heard "And so it is done, we are one". And in that moment I knew I had healed a part of myself that I didn't even know existed.

I can only imagine this union getting more magical and blissful and beautiful as time moves forward.

AND, I now have added to the vows that I shared on Friday because of a suggestion from my dear friend Corbie- "marriage is a 60/60 proposition...each one goes a little more than halfway, and that extra 10% locks it in for the tough times!")

I promise to always give 60% and welcome your 60% so that the extra 10% locks it it for the tough times... HO!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday after school Sam, Jim's 10 year old son, had a friend over after school. It was so fun to watch. When they first came inside after getting off the bus, Brutus greeted them and was introduced, then I came around the corner and Sam, under his breath says "Don't embarress me" and he had this adorable half smile that he wears sometimes when we play. It was so heart warming and endearing. What a joy this boy has brought into my life.
Anyway, as I tried to stay out of their way, I was quietly in the background. When they came in for dinner after playing in the creek and riding scooters, they were so animated. Their stories and laughter filled the kitchen and I could see it filling the house. I just gotta say, there is nothing more fabulous than the sound of laughter, and the sound of laughter from my beautiful boy is one of the best sounds I know! So, if you are feeling not so in the river, figure out a way to laugh or listen to laughter. It is the sound that cures!

Monday, November 9, 2009

She will tell me her story, ahh Elizabeth

If you have read my post from about four days ago, I told you of a spirit whom I have been contacted by (?) named Elizabeth. Well our dance continues as she wakes my up every night just after midnight, with last night being no exception. Even Bru hears her and gets restless.

Two nights ago I was dreaming but very present in my dream. I heard everything and saw everything and FELT everything - like it was all happening in this reality. In that "dream" Elizabeth was calling me again to come out to the pond. Again I felt a twinge of something like fear - heart racing, curling into a tight ball, sweating, etc... Now I know spirits can't really hurt me, and when I am in my logical mind I tell myself this is unrealistic, Elizabeth doesn't want to hurt me just talk to me... Anyway, in my "dream" I go out to the pond, I sit on the dock, Elizabeth comes up behind me, then pushes me in and I drown. It doesn't hurt and I see her face looking into the water and I am not afraid in the water as I sink to the bottom. I am only afraid when I wake up. When I am in the water I am peaceful. And the rippling designs that I see as I look up into her face are quite beautiful. The water makes her face change and it intrigues me.

Last night she called to me again. This time I woke myself up and said "I will not be afraid". I got out bed, grabbed my drum and went out to the pond (with the dogs-- just in case). My heart was racing and I prayed the whole way for light to surround me and for me to hear what I was supposed to hear. I sat in the field by the pond - couldn't make myself go to the dock - and within a few minutes I was "traveling". Traveling for me while I drum is like feeling the earth below and then feeling my body grow and expand beyond my physical body and I feel sensations of warmth and breezes softly caressing my entire being. It is magical... With that background information out of the way, I'll continue about Elizabeth.

While I was drumming (I had my eyes closed) I felt someone walk in front of me and sit beside me. I didn't open my eyes, just kept drumming. I then heard a whisper of information (which I can't share yet but in time will). Elizabeth was introducing herself to me. She sat with me while I drummed for over an hour. I felt the fear melt into the earth and didn't even realize it had been an hour - my fingers were frozen and I was stiff from sitting in the same position, but I was also so filled with joy, and as began to come back into my body, Mucca (Jim's dog) came and licked my face and Brutus sat behind me. I was surrounded with light beings and we were all one.

I imagine in time, Elizabeth will tell me her whole story and I will share it when she gives permission. Until then, I now know that when she calls to me I will come. And I will listen. And I will drum.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TV, knowing what vibration you are including

In the last two months I have been inundated with TV. I went from no TV, to a little TV, to lots of TV. Most of the shows that are on are on children's channels, because Sam likes certain programs. As I watch them I am reminded to pay attention to what is being said, and what is not being said but implied. It amazes me all of the "adult humor" that is incorporated into children's shows. Makes me ponder... Is this "societies" way of grooming our future generation? And if it is, what are we grooming them for? Even the cartoons are filled with anger and the thoughts of "all for me, no matter how I get all for me". So, the way I am protecting Jim's lovely child, since he seems to not be able to NOT watch, is this, and please feel free to practice this energy with your family and yourself: Breathing IN imagine energy from the earth coming into your feet and up through your legs, all the way up through your mid section, and out through the top of your head. Then imagine this amazing healing energy (vibration) forming a "fountain" and allow it to cover you with protection so that only positive vibration gets through. Once you have practiced this and feel like you can do it well (and of course "well" is always up to you) then do it and sit next to your child. Imagine the fountain flowing over you and your child! This, for me, seems to help with what is absorbed and what is repelled vibrationally. Energy is real, it can be felt and it influences our moods, thoughts, and actions. I believe that paying attention to energy can be more beneficial than worrying about what you eat... Of course, once again, this is my belief and a belief is only a chronic thought. So, ponder these thoughts and see if they serve you. If they do, keep them. If they don't release them! Whichever you choose, do it with joy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A few weeks ago I "saw" a woman dressed all in black (black cape and all) standing out by the pond at my new home (which is where my new office will be located mid-December). I felt like she was calling me and I felt a bit of, not really fear, but resistance. Didn't know why, but that was what I felt.

Anyway. I have seen her twice since then so last night I drummed and had a "conversation" with her. She told me her name is Elizabeth and she is mourning the loss of her husband who she saw murdered. She says she is "home". Then, when I shared this with Jim, my love, he said that he has had 2 past life regressions and saw himself murdered in one and his wife witnessing it. He also shared that he was told in a sweat lodge from a woman who channels that the wife from the past life was searching for him in this life and that when she found him he would know it. (He believes that woman to be me).

Then, this morning when I was pulling cards I got letting go (Zen tarot) and it talked about letting go of a home or something that you have identified yourself with so that you can be ready to accept the gift that is being given to you presently. As I was reading this, Elizabeth appeared behind Jim and said "The church hasn't sold becuase you are holding on to it as a safe guard, a what if, and
I am here because you are not fully here. I am holding the space but only for a little".

Could this Elizabeth be my spirit from the past? It was quite an epiphany for me when she said that I was holding the church as a safeguard. Which, of course, means now I can let it go and the sale will move foreward quite quickly.

Isn't it amazing what we learn from spirit? Such a gift!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Vortex. Abraham-Hicks

Yesterday I watched the Vortex, an Abraham-Hicks DVD. If you haven't seen any of their material I highly recommend it. I have read many of their books, have watched a few videos and practice much of what they teach. This DVD is, by far, the most amazing one to date. It came to me at the most perfect moment and it pulled me out of a space of suffering that I had allowed (and yes ALLOWED) myself to get sucked into. One of the things the DVD did was remind me that our entire life is a choice. All of it. And, when we say we are not happy because of something someone else chooses, and we continue to talk about it, we yes WE alone are responsible for our unhappiness. Gosh what a truth. AND if we can all learn to resonate in that truth (Universal Truth) more than not being there, our world will go into warp speed with co-creation of a joyful, in the vortex, plane of existence.

So, please please please, watch this. I have it if you would like to borrow it, and it comes in book form and books on tape too for those who wish to read or listen instead.

Jump in the vortex today - remember how it is to feel true joy and elation at life!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time, does it really heal all wounds... only if you allow it

So interesting as I sit here and look out at the bare trees and am reminded that mother nature is beginning her slumber so that she can awake in spring, fresh beautiful and stronger!

This also makes me wonder if more of us took time to rest and be good to ourselves would we continue the cycles of pain that we have created for ourselves, or would we be able to release and awaken stronger from our patterns of pain?

I have a dear friend whom I have loved for many years and she still holds herself in a pattern of pain from a marriage that ended more than 10 years ago. 10 years of blame and hurt and anger built up inside of her. And she says, but he did (blah blah blah). And, yes it is true, he did hurt her. And I remind her, yes this is true but it is exactly what you have been talking about for a long time and how can you create a different future if you hold yourself in this vibration of pain from an experience that happened many years ago.

With that said, I then look at myself. I question myself and see if there is a place inside that may be holding me in the past, because I know that if I am having this conversation with my dear friend it is also for me to be aware and self examining. So today I take time to ask, examine, release that which no longer serves me, and then rest and I know that this will open the space for the future to be different from the past... stronger, more beautiful and fuller, just like mother nature is doing right now... leaves are gone, rest begins, the leaves which no longer serve a purpose on the trees will cover the earth and serve a different purpose, and all is well!