Saturday, May 10, 2014

Unconscious... really means NOT conscious

This weekend I supported one of my favorite teachers in a weekend of Abdominal Meridian Massage. When in the role of supporter I setup the room, hold energy, demonstrate and help people find specific meridians and points when asked, and am a participating person when necessary (if the class is an un-even number). This weekend worked out that I actually gave and received this amazing work. One of the "head trips" about being a healer or in a healing field FOR ME (notice that is capitalized... I am not sure if it is this way for everyone so I don't want to lump us all together) is that I often am in the role of teacher or therapist and forget to be the student. AND I sometimes forget for myself (even though I remind my clients often) that healing happens and things arise when we are completely ready. AND often times it happens in layers. SO, this weekend was my (smack my forehead make a duh sound) reminder... While doing Abdominal Meridian Massage we contact the organs in the abdomen, the QI corresponding to that organ system and all that is "attached" to the physical area of the body that is READY to be "heard". As many of my friends know, I was in a serious auto accident in 2001. In that accident I broke my pelvis in 3 places and had to have a bone graft from my left hip to re-attach my arm by putting a plate wrapped around the bone chips from the hip and then screwing said plate to my sternum and humorous. As you may well imagine, I have done TONS and TONS of my own healing work in both areas, have been receiving work from other healers, get regular massage and energy work, and am gentle are loving to those areas of my body... So this weekend when my partner was working in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen and connecting to the energy of the large intestine (METAL ELEMENT) and stomach (EARTH ELEMENT), I was SHOCKED to feel once again the pain in my shoulder and hip. I felt the connections of those areas and thought I had already done all the work necessary to release the event and the pain... On a conscious level I have not had pain the those areas. I have been completely unaware that the energy was still speaking to me. Then in the afternoon session as my partner was working the areas again I was very "in my head" and logically telling myself what she was working on reminding myself that I had done the work, and so on and so on... Then all of a sudden I had an epiphany... It was one word. One simple word. SAFE. This may not mean much to someone who is unaware of meridians and their associations... BUT the EARTH element's meridians are stomach and spleen. AND the energy of the EARTH element is FEELING SAFE. WOW WOW WOW And then I began to laugh. Huge laughter. At myself. At taking myself so seriously. At thinking THINKING THINKING that the work was done. HA. The work is NEVER DONE. We get reprieves and times of still waters, and then when we are in the perfect moment in time, with the perfect experience available for feeling and "hearing" the body speaks. It reminded me that Unconscious really means we just don't know. We may make lists of all of our unconscious habits or patterns or whatever. And then we think we know. BUT we really don't know until we DO know. So, on that note I remind myself and EVERYONE else that UNCONSCIOUS means we don't know. It means that for everyone. And so when we remember that things will arises because we've made an inquiry to our QI (or whatever word you use to describe creation and energy and the vast mystery of all), and it may not be today or tomorrow. AND it may require us to continue to ask, and to be curious, and to wonder and to be open and to be gentle with ourselves for NOT knowing something or seeing something or understand something until years later. And also to always CONTINUE to ASK. Energy responds to all inquiries. And our body is the vessel in which it often reveals its answer. Love, Janet

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