Monday, June 9, 2014

Turtle Speaks

Today was all about Turtles. I saw one on my own this morning, and Fred Klock and I saw one (and rescued her) on our way home from our friends house. My turtle this morning told me a story. Maybe it sounds odd, but often times if I sit quietly with an animal or a plant or tree I get an "impression" of a story in my mind. Sometimes I can even hear their voices... Today's story began with me looking directly at my beautiful friend. Then I sat down in front of her, even though I was a little nervous because she was SO big and I don't really know much about the speed of turtles movement. It took me about 20 minutes to feel connected, I think she was as nervous as I was... And turtle said: You have been knowing things. Things that maybe others know but do not voice. All creatures should consider these things; Where they live, what they do as an energy exchange for their abundance or poverty, are they in right relation to themselves and their community. Can they be still. Where is your water? Know your garden, the soil, the minerals, even the worms. Know them. Spend time with the bees. Listen to their song, and pay attention to when they sing the loudest. Then she spoke about me. She said: It is time to speak your truth. To weave prayers around flesh. To sing your song. Don't hold the truth inside. Create your community. Call to you those who need to hear this truth. And take not it personally those who are not ready. Then she she stopped and took a deep breath. So I took a deep breath. It seemed like a long time that we were just breathing. Not doing. As I was not doing I noticed all the lines on her face, and she smiled. Her eyes were so bright. She said, your lines are coming. They will tell YOUR story. They will remind you of all those you love and have loved. These are your "family lines". Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for a leader. Now is the time of knowing and sharing. Then I was paying close attention to her shell. So green. Almost luminous. And she spoke again... Just as I have a hard shell that is beautiful to behold it serves a purpose. I Know when to retreat inside, or when to move swiftly to bite with my strong jaws, you must learn that too. The water is flowing now very fast. It is changing the landscape. Mountains are melting. Land is being built up. These changes are so great and swift that there are those who are afraid. Some feel like their lives are being torn apart, and they are suffering greatly. They do not trust the water. They have the false belief that the solid ground is their refuge. They hold onto how things have always been done. They know not their ancestors. They do not listen to the trees or learn the medicine abundant in their own locations. The hill, THIS HILL will protect you. She has been here forever. She has magic in her soil, and her water, and her inhabitants. Share what she tells you. She is very wise. All that she offers, she offers in a sacred manner. You must receive in kind. And celebrate those who come. They ARE coming. They have been called. The longing is in their hearts. Now is not the time to be shy. Be in awe of all that is. It still surprises me, although I am old and have seen much of the same for many years. I now see the mud as it is changing. Where we lay our eggs or plant our seeds must shift. I am shifting. You are shifting. Gather those who know what you do not. Share with each other. Be prepared. It will only be scary if you hold onto what you believe it should be. It will look different. It is already different. As are you. Then she put her head into her shell and pulled her tail and large clawed hands in too and I knew our conversation was over.

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